Outback Paddy Inspires With New CD

MICHAEL BLAKE (aka “OUTBACK PADDY” ) has a new CD with truly inspiring and beautiful songs. He is a terrific imaginative songwriter and wonderful Recording Artist. This is a well done unique CD, which we hope you’ll share with your listeners. Outback Paddy had this to say about his new CD “I am passionate about my work in schools as a visiting songwriter and motivator and my songs with a message, which appeal to all ages. Since the l990’s, I have traveled extensively throughout my beautiful home state of West Australia,the Northern Territory, Far North Queensland and beyond to schools in cities, tourist towns, mining towns and remote communities. Along the way I wrote country songs and bush ballads that capture the awesome beauty of Outback Australia. This is where my alias comes in. I am known in country music circles around the world as Outback Parry. I gave myself this name in 2004 and since then I have produced several CD’s of my songs including “Outback Paddy” which is featured in my “Outback Paddy Show”. (A) journey in songs about this amazing land) ” Outback Paddy is also featured on Wildhorse Entertainment, where you can download his Top30 Chart hit ” Color Of Your Day”. Outback Paddy is proudly Promoted by RhonBob Promotions

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