DJ Connie Of ‘Connie’s Country Show’ Independent DJ

conniecooper004DJ Connie of Connie’s Country Independent DJ at Work

WHIR Wildhorse Internet Radio and Wildhorse Entertainment would like to introduce to you a wonderful DJ from Ireland, Connie Cooper or as she is professionally know in the entertainment world as DJ Connie of Connie’s Country.

DJ Connie busy on a promotion
DJ Connie busy on a promotion

Connie is a Country Disc Jockey and does radio work for DRIVE  105  In  Derry  City  Ireland   &  Also  On  Strabane  an On Line Radio Station  In Strabane Co Tyrone, she is very dedicated to her shows and loves Country music. Her love for radio work can be proved by the fact that as so many other Radio DJ’s today they offer their services free and DJ Connie gladly volunteers three days out of every week to her radio shows all with no financial compensation.

Connie also believes in working with the good stuff, and when I say the good stuff I mean the real thing, I’ll explain. Connie does not use her laptop or computer when on air she uses the CD’s or mini disc’s not that she has anything against working with mp3’s, she just believes that the sound is of a much better quality when coming directly from the source, the Mini Disc or the actual CD. All the programs DJ Connie makes ready for broadcast is compiled by herself and plays Independent as well as major Country artists on all her shows. If you want to tune in to listen to any of DJ Connie’s show you can find her on live@ drive  &  Strabane Radio Online : : Strabane’s most popular online radio station.

– WHISNews21

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