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Parents are just too scared of the system to discipline Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters


not_so_sweet_kids_09-600x427The new world order is cultivating a generation of brats to make sure that chaos will prevail in the future. They have successfully convinced parents worldwide but especially in the USA and Europe not to discipline their kids. I personally have come across a few kids from hell, and wondered why the parents even with all the propaganda would allow their kids to become little monsters.

Well as I have said so many times before I cannot change the world, but will say this, when kids gets their way all the time, they will want the same when they are adults. As children they will throw a tantrum or curse their parents, but as adults they would be capable of much worse, as they could, if the situation gets out of hand even kill you or others, if they don’t get their way. Everyone knows that is already happening, and will unfortunately continue to happen, at an alarming rate.

Well I know that there will be many who disagree with me, but that’s OK, I can understand why they would, as the propaganda against opinions as mine, are just way too overwhelming.  We all love our children but really they cannot be left to do as they please, and if they are, the chaos that is coming, will only get here sooner.

Finally the email that we received today from one of our readers at the email outpost is about this very subject, we are now making jokes about this serious situation as that seems to be the only way for parents to show their disapproval of the system.

Can we still change it or is it just too late?

It used to be said, “If The Wife is Happy then everyone is happy”,

now I am afraid to say it is more like,”If The Kids are Happy Everyone is Happy”

Next time there is chaos in your home, and I know that there will be. Just take a second or two and  think about how upset you got over this article, you may want to reconsider your opinion (lol)


Thank you dear reader for this picture I have decided in the interest of your safety and wellbeing to with hold your name. I know you are probably laughing now but rather be safe than sorry (lol)

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