USA Gives To All But All Does Not Give To USA

Please understand the reason why I am sending this email.  With the killings going on in Syria and Egypt, and Syria using chemical warfare on their own people, it is time for our nation to not stand by and see this genocide taking place.
Our world seems to be angry to the extent that wars and killing have become the norm.  So I feel compelled to send this no matter if some of you become angry, and if you become angry it will not be my fault.
The following article I received several times over the past several days.  I am not checking out snopes or any other website to see if it is true, BECAUSE IT IS TRUE.  A
ll you have to do is watch and listen to the news, and especially HLN who are just as bad as the people of Syria and Egypt. Giving us the news is one thing, but instigating anger and revenge is another.
Once again some are telling me to stick to country music news, and I will do that, but just remember what I asked of each of you several months ago.
If you do not want to read any other news that I send out, other than country, just delete what I send and do not read it, but some of it needs to be read by everyone we can reach.
Marty Martel

DEMOCRATS and  Republicans (‘Different’ ONLY in name)

Both Democrats and Republicans say,  

We’re broke” And can’t help our ownVeterans, Seniors,Orphans,Homeless, Etc.,?????


But, over the last several years THEY have provided direct cash aid to…..


Hamas – $351 M,  

Congo 359M
Libya $1.45 B,  

Ethiopia 981M  

Egypt – $397 M,  

Pakistan 2B 

Mexico – $622 M,

South Africa 566M

Russia – $380 M,

Senegal 698M

Haiti –    $1.4 B,  

Mozambique 404M

Jordan – $463 M,  

Zambia 331M

Kenya – $816 M,

Kazakhstan 304M

Sudan – $870 M,  

Iraq 1.08B

Nigeria – $456 M,

Tanzania 554M

Uganda – $451 M

…with literally Billions of Dollars and they still want to kill us!!!! 

But on the other hand,  

Our retired seniors, living on a ‘fixed income, income,’

Receive NO aid! Nor do they get any breaks,

while our government and religious organizations will pour Hundreds of Billionsof

$$$$$$ and Tons of Food  to Foreign Countries!


And another atrocity….

We have Hundreds of adoptable American Children who are shoved aside

to make room for The adoption of Foreign orphans.

money05AMERICA: A country where we have Countless Homeless without shelter.

Children going to bed hungry,

Elderly going without needed medication and the Mentally ill without treatment — etc.

YET……….They will have a ‘Benefit’ Show For the people of Haiti , on 12 TV Stations; Ships and planes lining up with food, water, tents clothes, bedding, doctors and medical supplies.

Now Just Imagine if “Our own” *GOVERNMENT* Gave ‘US

 the same support they give to foreign countries

Article sent in by Marty Martel

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  1. The South African President built himself a castle with the money, and still the people starve and still blame the white man for everything. America keep your money for your own people I have been there and I cannot believe that Obama is more interested in giving money away to others, than helping normal Americans who need it much more. It is after all those normal American’s money that he is so freely giving away. Now if only he had my address, I could do with some money, but then I am a white male and over 50, I am not on his list (lol)