Barbara Blevins Brings Some Stress Relief


Barbara Blevins With A Few Stress relief Pictures

Barbara send in some of the pictures she has been receiving via our Email Outpost. So we thought as she has these pictures why don’t we publish them right here for you. You may find some of them funny, you may even have seen them before, but we are aiming at the fact that just one of them will make you smile and for just a second to forget all your troubles.

Pull your pants upNo Wi-Fi

We must                                                            be closed

beer todays soup restaurant bar sign

No                                                            discounts for                                                            seniors
Restroom                                                            rule

Teach your kids about taxes

If you can hit that sign, that's pretty good                                                            aimAlcohol                                                            won't solve                                                            your problems

You're                                                            the reason she                                                              drinks

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