Experiencing Problems Connecting to wildhorse.co.za


Some People In Nashville Are Experiencing Problems Connecting To Wildhorse Entertainment, www.wildhorse.co.za Are You One ?

This past week some people in Nashville have not been able to connect directly to www.wildhorse.co.za yet others in Nashville have had no problem. This is a very difficult problem to solve as why do some connect and others don’t. I am in Nashville right now just as it so happens, and I have driven to the KMA Studios in Old Hickory Boulevard, Madison and found that I could also not connect with my laptop from that address. Yet when I returned to my hotel room just off Gallatin, near the Rivergate Mall, I connect without a problem.
So now I have to try to solve this without the help of CSI (lol), and this is where I am starting. So thinking logically as Dr Spock would have, it must be a service provider problem as if some are getting on wildhorse and others are not, that means www.wildhorse.co.za is not off the air, it must have something to do with the delivery man.
Well starting with me, my delivery man where I am staying is “Comcast” and I have no problem connecting to Wildhorse Entertainment or WHISNews21 whatsoever.
Now there’s Keith Bradford at KMA Studios Nashville less than 5 miles from where I am staying, who’s internet is delivered by AT&T at his home cannot connect, and his DJ Brother the famous Mike Bradford is with Comcast and can also not connect from the Studios.
Then there Judy Weldon who lives in Gainesville, Georgia, USA can connect directly to www.wildhorse.co.za but now due to the problem a few days ago now goes directly to WHISNews21.com. So no problem with Judy for now. Judy’s Internet delivery man is, AT&T
Moving on to Rhonnie Scheuerman from Kodak, Tennessee, USA cannot connect directly to www.wildhorse.co.za through AOL but can connect to whisnews21.com
Then there’s my friend Raymond Greenberg in Margate In South Africa who is with MWEB and he has no problem with his delivery man and opens www.wildhorse.co.za with no problem.
Ed Dailey out of Washington has Charter and Zeo as Internet and it all works fine at his home and at the School.
Wayne Jacobs cannot connect directly to www.wildhorse.co.za from, Erth, London UK. Wayne connects to whisnews21.com to stay updated.

Well I just cannot seem to figure this out, I thought I could. So if someone can tell me why they think some places we are censored or banned and other places we are available in our full glory I would appreciate it.

Below is my Internet Service providers explanation:

Amaclick ISP Services: The possibilities are endless. They need to do a tracerout to see at which ISP or hop the problem lies. As I am sure it is DNS related on the ISP carrier of that area. There are no restrictions on the server from our side, and the server is located in USARaymond Greenberg

The report below is from Viewdns.com

The site www.wildhorse.co.za appears to be working fine. If you are still having trouble seeing it, please try the following
– Clear all cookies / history in your browser
– Restart your PC and Internet modem
– Flush your local DNS cache
– For Windows, run the command ‘ipconfig /flushdns’
– For Mac OSX (Leopard), run the command ‘dscacheutil -flushcache’
– For Mac OSX (<10.5.1), run the command ‘lookupd -flushcache’
– For Linux, run the command ‘/etc/init.d/nscd restart’

Why can some access www.wildhorse.co.za and some cannot ???

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