No Stamps Not Biggest Problem at SA Post Office

sapostofficeVisiting South Africa Not Exactly the dream you see on CNN and Other American TV Networks

DeliveryDelaysSky2My husband and I are visiting friends here in Joburg for holiday.

I was shocked today when my friend and I went to the post office in  Kelvin to get local, domestic stamps.

There was a bit of discussion  between the staff and the worker came back to us and said, “we don’t have any  stamps. Please try again next week”.

I cannot wait to tell this story two my friends in the USA!!   And there’s just silence! What can you say but is this the future of South  Africa?

Juli Cordano Georgia, USA


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  1. Unfortunately, you have experienced the REAL fact in South Africa. I hope when u send this mail all around the world, the world will start to get the real picture of South Africa. What you may be seeing and hearing overseas, is different from what South Africa is really like!
    The strikes, crime, murders of whites on farms and even in cities (everywhere!) rapes of small babies, elderly woman from 85 years of age – all is so true!!!
    Wonder if you are aware of all this – the real South Africa?
    I don’t think so