Is A Contented Heart Also A Patient Heart ?


Saturday Author:  Barbara Bush, Sent in by Rhonnie Scheuerman

 CONTENTED HEART, PATIENT  HEART: It is common  to hear women bemoaning  their lack of patience as if it were the most  difficult gift to pry from God’s hand.  In fact impatience stems almost  solely from our exaggerated notions of what is due us.  If we could but  lower out estimation of the importance of our time, our plans and our feelings,,  we would find ourselves almost automatically more  patient.

If we are impatient about the same things that anger  God- repeated sin, inattention to his Word, social injustice- we cannot really  be called impatient (as long as our opinions expressed in love).  Neither  can we expect a woman to remain totally unperturbed if someone smashes into  her new car.  Certainly “learning patience” is not an acceptable reason for  failure to discipline a rebellious child.  Patience is not the same thing  as resignation or the cynical attitude “that always expects the worst possible  outcome.

Patience is a more positive trait.  It is the  ability to bear affliction, delay and interruption with calmness, perseverance  and confidence  in the goodness of God  (Colossians 1:11-12,. It is inward  peace as well as outward control.  It is the submission of our schedules,  our viewpoints, our dreams to the greater plan of God, with the conviction that  he has a good reason for every delay he allows to come our  way.
VERSE FOR THE DAY: 2 Corinthians  1:6

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