Riots Have Nothing To Do With President Trump

These Riots Have Nothing To Do With President Trump

Who are the candidates that Black Lives Matter has endorsed for the 2016 election?

If the revolutionary forces seeking to fundamentally transform America into a Third World country succeed, no one is going to be more surprised by the ultimate outcome than Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Pelosi and Schumer think that this is about President Trump. They think the people throwing bottles of urine at your car when you try to drive to Safeway are going to vote “blue” in November. And they actually think they’re going to be running the show when the dust finally settles. Nothing could be further from the truth.

We’re going through a revolutionary phase in America right now. You know the reasons behind it. Fifty years of mass immigration. Outsourcing of jobs. The destruction of the middle class – the one distinguishing feature of America that has always rejected communism or at least held it at bay.

This revolution against the elites and the globalists started more than a decade ago, when George W. Bush was still in the White House. The middle-class revolution resulted in the Tea Party. We picked up majorities in the House and Senate in 2010, but the movement was then co-opted by GOP, Inc. and subverted. We then revolted big-time in 2016, which resulted in the ultimate rejection of the Bush-Clinton-Obama axis of evil.

Make no mistake about it: Donald Trump’s election was a revolutionary blow against our non-elite elites.

That revolt is ongoing, and we will go to the polls in November to reaffirm it. We’ve seen the economic results. President Trump is bringing manufacturing jobs back to America, restoring the middle class and making America great again. A system that was rigged against us for decades has been turned back in our favor. With the dignity of work restored to the middle class, the very backbone of this country is returning.

The other splinter of this revolutionary phase, however, is Black Lives Matter. This is the revolt of the lower classes, the poor. They’re not content at the pace at which restoration is coming to America, and the poor and black community, in particular, have always been vulnerable to communism. If you think of the Tea Party/Trump movement as the “heads” side of the coin, then Black Lives Matter is the “tail” side of this revolution.

If Trump had not become the nominee for the GOP in 2016, our side of the revolution would have rejected anyone else. I’m not convinced that even Ted Cruz would have been able to hold a coalition together. (Cruz has been too soft historically on immigration.)

You’ve probably spotted the fatal error in Pelosi and Schumer’s gambit by now.

Who are the candidates that Black Lives Matter has endorsed for the 2016 election? Oh, right. There aren’t any.

BLM hasn’t endorsed any candidates and it hasn’t put forward any ballot measures. The only thing that BLM has is demands. And if those demands are not met immediately, violence, looting, burning, pillaging, murder, and rape are the result. They are not interested in playing along with the rules of a civilized society. They’re not interested in democracy.

Black Lives Matter is a radical, communist, transgender rights revolutionary group. Most of the idiot white liberals out in the streets in BLM shirts don’t even know what BLM is actually fighting for. BLM understands and responds to violence and force. That is, sadly, what it’s going to take to stop BLM eventually. Because they ain’t stopping otherwise. (And by the way, the “Democrats are the real racists” argument doesn’t work with BLM true believers. This is a race-based, identity politics revolution and they’re not interested in facts or reason.)

Pelosi and Schumer think this will be another minor skirmish and when everything calms down later, they’ll be the ones in charge of it just like their buddies John Boehner and Justin Amash slithered in and took control of the Tea Party. That’s not happening, Nancy and Chuck.

If Black Lives Matter succeeds in overthrowing the country, Pelosi and Schumer will find themselves standing in a line next to Louie Gohmert and Rand Paul. They’ll all have zip ties around their wrists and bags over their heads. As they listen to the roar of the crowd and a strange, rhythmic ka-chunk! sound in the distance, Pelosi and Schumer will think, “It wasn’t supposed to be like this!”

This isn’t a Democrat/Republican election in November, despite the fact that Pelosi and Schumer think it is. A vote for Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden in November will be a vote for Black Lives Matter, the guillotine, and living in a grass hut while pining away for that long-lost, mysterious thing called electricity.

A vote for Donald Trump is a vote for America – and our last chance to save the Republic without bloodshed.

ALOP Published on request of a concerned Reader 2020

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