Larry M.Clark Celebrity Showcase on Nashville Radio



NBRN.FM Nashville To Air Larry M. Clark’s AirplayExpress’s Celebrity Showcase

Nashville Broadcast Radio Network NBRN airs this new show at 9am CST this morning

This show features a Major Star featured side by side with Larry M Clark at the world-famous HeroDome in Cyber City. The show  presented in the studio by Frans Maritz. Each radio show features the hits songs of both a major artist and an independent artist. Each show is perceived to be recorded live in front of a live audience and creates the impression that Larry is in fact performing live on stage, while the DJ plays songs in the studio by Larry’s favorite Country Star. It is to be noted that the HeroDome in CyberCity is a fictitious place created for the purposes of the Celebrity Showcase and does not really exist. This 60 minute AirplayExpress Celebrity Showcase radio show is available to all radio stations worldwide for airing on their networks as part of their membership agreement.

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