AirplayExpress APX#05 Includes a #1 Million Seller

APX05Promo001AirplayExpress Is Extremely Proud To Include


a Million Seller and a #1 worldwide charted Hit by Bobby G.Rice

AirplayExpress is proud to release its 5th Radio Airplay Compilation CD to Radio Worldwide With some of the greatest International Independent Superstars onboard joining us. Here In no particular order are the names of our Independent Superstars already seated in the VIP section of AirplayExpress, Mike Contoni, Larry M Clark, Clay Alston and Bobby G.Rice, all joining us on this our next exciting adventure on AirplayExpress APX#05

We Only Have 4 VIP Seats Available, Will One Be Yours?

As AirplayExpress launches its fifth Express link to Radio and DJ’s worldwide

Our mission is to seek out friendly DJ’s across the vast space of the galaxy’s

Who would add these great songs to their amazing radio playlists for airplay

Now To Airplay


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