Men don’t get breast cancer True or False?

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Dispelling common myths that affect men's health

To celebrate Men’s Health Month we thought we should look at some common health myths. See how much or how little you know about health issues when it comes to men!

Myth: Men don’t get breast cancer True or False? False

The bad news for men is that they too have to watch out for breast cancer. Although breast cancer is seen as a woman’s disease, men can and do get breast cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, there are several different types of breast cancer that men should be aware of namely Adenocarcinoma, Infiltrating ductal carcinoma, Ductal carcinoma in situ and Paget’s disease of the nipple.

Your risk of a positive diagnosis of breast cancer increases if you are 60 years old or older, you have a family history of the disease or you are obese. Signs and symptoms that you should look for include the following:

  • A painless lump under your skin or hardening of the skin tissue in your breast.
  • Discharge from your nipple or an inverted nipple.
  • Changes in your skin such as redness, dimpling or scaling.

If you think you may have any of these symptoms, it is best to seek medical attention or advice from your GP. The sooner cancer is diagnosed the better your chances are of recovery.

Myth: Eating tomatoes is good for your prostate True or False? True

Prostate cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer in men. But recent studies show that your diet can have a huge impact on your prostate health. According to the journal, Cancer Prevention Research, a diet that contains tomatoes does reduce your risk of prostate cancer.

Why is this so? Tomatoes are full of the antioxidant compound Lycopene, one of the most widely studied anti-cancer agents. Lycopene is in all tomato-based products, including tomato sauce. If you eat tomatoes with soy, this can be even more beneficial. Soy is known for its protective properties against many cancers, including prostate cancer. You can enjoy soy in many forms including soy milk, tofu and protein powder. Other foods that reduce the risk of prostate cancer include broccoli and flax. So, next time you reach for a burger consider a soy burger smothered in tomato sauce – your prostate will thank you.

Myth: Men do not have fertility cycles True or False? False

It is not only women that have cycles. Men have fertility cycles too. However, the male fertility cycle is not like the female fertility cycle. A man’s fertility is affected by the time of the year and even the time of day. You will therefore find that your sperm count will be high in winter and lower in summer. Researchers have different theories about why this occurs1. While some say it is because of the increased hormone levels in the early hours of the morning, others say it is due to different temperatures. Apparently sperm production increases in cooler temperatures.

Myth: Drinking too much beer gives you a beer belly True or False? True and False

Yes, drinking too much beer could cause a ‘beer boep’. However, any excessive intake of calories will have the same effect, whether the calories are from alcohol, sugary beverages, or oversized portions of food. Most beers typically contain 150 calories. So if you have a few beers each time you drink alcohol, you do consume a fair amount of calories, which is why one tends to blame the beer for your bigger belly. However, research has shown that most people tend to eat more while drinking, and the food tends to be high in carbohydrates so you wash down even more calories. It is not only men that suffer from the ‘beer belly’ so we should all think twice before we reach for that beer, cosmopolitan and cheesy puff at the next party!

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  1. Beautifully written and necessary for us all to know what you wrote. I am a 34 year Cancer Survivor and have been in walks to raise money for Cancer patients. Last one there were 3 men with breast cancer. I also was one of the women chosen during the event to give my testimony on the American Cancer bus that travels to many states. You have helped many people with your advice in your article. Big thanks, Rhon