Judy’s Notes: From Singer, Songwriter, Judy Welden




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Eat out for a steal! I wanted to be sure and add this one, since I was telling you how I got so many free meals for my birthday this month. Not just for your b-day, but often you’ll realize savings when you join the email clubs of your favourite eateries to enjoy great perks! Consider: Sign up at Chili’s (ChilisEmail Club.com), and you’ll get a free order of chips and queso sauce, as well as free offers and steep discounts throughout the year. Steer clear of accidents:  Before you get behind the wheel log on to www.SafeRoadMaps.org this interactive map alerts you to the curves, intersections and other nearby places where accidents have occurred, so that you can avoid them.  Motion Sensors!  Install outdoor motion-detecting light, and not only will they squash any suspicious activity around your home they can lower your Insurance premiums too!  That’s because many companies offer a discount of 5% or more for having motion sensors.  You can get a set of two Brinks outdoor motion-detector lights for $17.88 at Home Depot.  Wireless alarms!  The most important areas of your house to secure:  Experts say they’re your front door and the first-floor windows.  And luckily you can keep them safe without the hassle and expense of installing a home alarm system…. instead, go with an easy-to-install wireless door and window alarm kit ($19.97 in Home Depot) which emits a piercing 120-decibel alarm when beached. Nutty way to soothe your stomach:  Eating almonds helps increase levels of beneficial stomach bacteria that aid in digestion, shows a recent Institute of Food Research study.


Miami debuted its first drive-in movie theatre in 1938.  Just 10 years later, drive-in theatres were such a hit that Edward Brown, Jr. opened up a theatre for cars and…and planes! The drive and fly-in could house up to 500 cars and 25 small planes, which flew into a nearby airfield, then taxied to the last row of the theatre!   For the first time in recorded history, the roaring Niagara Falls stood still in 1848.  A rare ice jam blocked the flow of water for nearly 40 hours, drying up the riverbed.  Residents scoured the bottom of the dry river, discovering bayonets, muskets and tomahawks!   What is….? Jeopardy!   Merve Griffin’s hit TV quiz show debuted in 1964.  Since then, top contestants have taken home everything from $1 (the lowest winning prize in the show’s history) to more than $3.45 million, the highs cumulative prize!


Share your powdered drink mixes with a soldier! Single packets of powdered drink mixes used with water….such an iced tea, lemonade, cocoa and Tang…. helps soldiers mask the often unpleasant taste of local water supplies.  Send your extras to Operation We Care, P. O. Box 8542, Mandeville, LA 70470.  They’ll be included in care packages sent to overseas troops.  Learn more at www.OperationWeCare.com.   Help a veteran make a phone call!  If you have an extra phone card you’re not using, consider sending it to Soldiers’ Angels 112 Greenhill Road, Ramseur, NC, 27316.  This non-profit organization will include it in one of the thousands of “Vet Packs” they hand out to military veterans who are homeless or in crisis… so they can call loved ones, keep in touch with crisis counsellors and make appointments with service agencies that can assist them.  Learn more at www.SoldiersAngels.org.


“A laugh, to be joyous, must flow from a joyous heart, for without kindness, there can be no true joy”

~ Thomas Carlyle (1795 – 1881)


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  1. Thanks so much, dear Frans!!  I just a copy of this to my new doctor, Chris Sembera. I’m still tired from staying up so late Sunday night and then not sleeping.  The pollen here doesn’t help either.  I was on our deck talking to DJ Mike (still in the hosp. after 2 weeks) today for an hour.  He is doing okay but needs prayer.  Rhon sent out an email after he spoke to her… which you probably received.  I’m happy she sent out my corrected newsletter that I sent her.  YMLP had soo many errors.. like the wrong date in subject line, repeated fun facts, helpful hints, ect (from last issue) after I’d deleted them, had a large blank space… It was perfect when I’d saved it (after 20 hrs. as it kept disappearing), so it’s incredble that these errors happened.  One thing is that I reused the Jan – Feb issue; however every time I saved it, I’d change that to May-June, 2013 issue.  They’re in Belgium, but I’m to write to them about these issues.   I think folks will be more likely to read it in your News as it is in shorter, more reader friendly versions.   Do you know what company Cheryl K. used to make her video go viral?  When I went to watch it (did a search at youtube),.. some strange companies came up before I had a chance to see the video.  One or both of them might be the ones who did it for her.   I would think that would be very expensive… and not somthing I could do.   Wishing you and Cathy a great week… pretty soon you’ll in America!  YAY!!!!   Blessings & hugs, * * * Judy * * *