A World Without Country Legend George Jones


Country Music will never be the same without George Jones

No one lives forever, yet sometimes we believe our heroes will live forever. I for one never thought the day would come when the world will be without George Jones. I was wishing and hoping there would be a way for me to attend the big Nashville Concert in November where George was going to say goodbye to his days on the road.

While I was wishing and hoping, at no stage did the thought ever cross my mind that George would not live to perform that final concert in Nashville. I suppose in my mind I thought that George would live forever.

And that is the story of life, we should always make sure we get to do what we wanted to do before it is too late as we will never know when our time runs out. As for George he will live on, long after most of us are dead and forgotten, and that is what makes a legend, and George was, is and will always be a Country Legend.

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  1. The passing of country music legend GEORGE JONES is a sad day for the country music community but we will remember him as a great country entertainer worldwide.
    Tony “Slinga” Slingsby.