Can You Believe People Send Mail Like This Around


This is a mail I received from someone whom I will keep anonymous, due to the sensitiveness of its content. It does amaze me how many mail we all receive from all over the world passed on to us by mostly unknown people and sometimes even from our friends. Some are funny and some are disgusting yet we receive them anyways. The picture below is part and parcel of the freedom we still enjoy on the internet, and as I believe it to be funny some may be offended yet it is not for me to question. If you are please comment or if you think it is funny then you can comment too.


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    • Yes I know, but there will always be someone who will find it offensive. Good to hear from you Matt hope all is well with you. If you have any news you can send it to me, I will publish it. Maybe we can do a monthly newsletter for the South African Country Music Association ? WHISNews21 is now read worldwide since the 1st of January our readers have increased by 98%