Get Ready For Scotty McCreery’s New Album

The ‘Same Truck’ Will Be Coming Round The Bend And Scotty’s Driving

A new album from Scotty McCreery is always so welcome, and it will be here soon September 17, and its title will simply be, “Same Truck”. It seems that Scooty’s label just could not keep this news a secret and that’s why they released the release date way ahead of time. But then no complaints here, what about you?

“Same Truck” features 12 songs, which lucky for us includes the brand new “Why You Gotta Be Like That” and its lead single “You Time.” The song is starting to rise up the charts and is currently in the Top 20 on Country Radio.

You Time will probably enter the AirplayExpress Top 40 Country chart soon but will be up to some steep competition on the Independent Country scene as the Indie DJs play mostly Independent music, thank goodness for that, as the major DJs only play major artists, so what’s fair is fair in my world. With all that said we all love “Scotty McCreery”.

Scotty’s done a lot since his first record, he moved out on my own, his traveled across the country and the world, he got married, was dropped by his label, I was even robbed at gunpoint. So maybe it’s time Scotty takes it easy and as long as he sends out a new album once a year and gives us a concert or two a year then we won’t complain. You can view/listen to his latest single below for its well worth a listen, and if you are a Scotty McCreery fan, then just listen to it again (lol)

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