A 75 Year Old Dolly & A Little Girls Dream

Dolly Parton Finally Made A Childhood Dream Come True

Dolly launched her very first fragrance, “Scent From Above” this year. It is sold in a butterfly bottle reminding her of Dolly’s album release,”Life Is Like A Butterfly”. The perfume is available in different sizes starting at $59. There is also a 10ml rollerball available for “9 to 5” use at $20, and of course, there is a “Dolly’s Scent” body cream for $30. It is exactly what can be expected from a fragrance released by Dolly, soft, feminine, long-lasting, and most definitely something you cannot get enough of. Now if that’s not enough Dolly has also released a new single, wait for it, “Sent From Above” which features her new perfume. Click below to listen I know you will we did.


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