Independent Country Keeping Traditional Country Alive

Independent Country Artists Heroes For Saving Traditional Country 2021

Can it be said that if there were no Independent Country artists singing Traditional Country these days, Traditional Country would be deader than a doornail? Today’s major/corporate Country stations are playing a musical genre they call country on heavy rotation all day long. They have kept that up for so long that it seems more than 50% of all Country Radio’s listeners even believe that Rap music is country as long as it is performed by a so-called country artist. It seems it was not enough to leave out the fiddle and steel replacing it with heavy-sounding guitars that they now have to add the Rap genre, moving Country even further away from Traditional Country.

On behalf of all at AirplayExpress and Independent Artists who keep on promoting Traditional Country Music around the world, a great big thank you goes out to Independent and major radio stations for playing the music from all the Independent Country artists. Finally AirplayExpress thanks all Independent Artists for keeping Traditional Country alive claiming they are the true heroes for doing so.

–  WHISNews21

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