Scotty McCreery’s “You Time” Easy to Sing Along

McCreery Sings of his Appreciation for What his Wife Does in Real Life

Scotty’s new Hit Song ‘You Time’ is safely kept Country by his Country accent while his producer Frank Rogers moves slightly off-center with vocal and guitar effects. It can safely be said that this single off his latest album is probably his most progressive in the past 5 years or so. Luckily for Scotty’s Country following there is still a touch of steel guitar saving the day. It is also being said that this is a real catchy tune while its lyrics are basically a workingman’s note, sent home to his woman. The tune is enjoyable to listen to and even though it is not one of his most meaningful songs to date it is without a doubt a song the fans will take to #1. In the lyrics of the song, “You Time”, McCreery sings of his appreciation for what his lover does, “climbing mountains, changing lives.” In real life, his wife Gabi is a nurse.

 – WHISNews21

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