Gwen Stefani Thanks Blake Shelton for saving 2020 for Her

Congratulations Are In Order For The Happy Couple!

Blake Shelton finally asked his longtime girlfriend Gwen Stefani for her hand in marriage, and she said yes. After Gwen said yes and thanked Blake for saving 2020 for her, she also added that she loved him and would love him for the rest of her life. Blake posted a photo on Instagram holding up Gwen’s new ring while the two of them were kissing. Blake and Gwen,  have not only fallen in love and formed a family together they also have recorded several songs including the recent “Happy Anywhere” and “Nobody But You.” Since both of them had already filed from their famous exes and have now found comfort in each other during difficult times. With all that said there has been no word yet on when the couple will tie the knot.

 – WHISNews21




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