Sharing Memories Of Loudilla “Maxine” Johnson

LoudillaMaritz01Sharing Memories Of Loudilla “Maxine” Johnson

Karen Wawrzyniak, Sales Clerk/Customer Service at Apothecare Pharmacy: A pleasure to have known the Johnson sisters since 1995! Awesome kind ladies. Prayers to Kay & family

James Marvell Independent International Superstar: The Johnson girls are a crucial part of country music history. They were involved with nearly every artist in country music. They oversaw the fan clubs  through their organization the IFCO. I really don’t think there is any other single organization who did so much for the artist as the Johnson Sisters did. Loudilla was such an influence on country music. I will simply say that Loudilla was respected and loved and that.. “The Johnson Sisters made COUNTRY MUSIC SHINE!”

Cheryl Harvey Hill, Top Commenter  Journalist photographer at Freelance Journalist: Loudilla was a very special soul who will be missed by many. RIP, darling ‘dilla, we love you and will miss you very much.

Keith Bradford KMA Records Nashville: If it weren’t for Loudilla Maxine Johnson, who with her sisters Loretta and Kay, the girls that founded  the International Fan Club Organization, I would not have had a booth at fan fair in 1975.  The Keith Bradford International Fan Club did not have a booth at Fan Fair in 1975 and the Johnson Sisters allowed me to meet and greet the fans in their IFCO booth.   All 3 girls were giving and gracious to so many aspiring Country Artists that there is not enough room to list them all.  I for one am very grateful and thank them all from the bottom of my heart.

Loretta Lynn, International Country Music Legend: “Them girls was my first official fans, the ones who started my fan club and stuck with me for years,” wrote Loretta Lynn in her memoir

Barry Bronson, Works at Independent PR Consultant and Writer: The Johnson sisters were big supporters of Music City News when I was editor in the 1980s. They never cared if an artist had a major label deal or just sold their own material. Their loyalty was to the artist. RIP Loudilla.

Rhonnie Scheuerman, Songwriter and retired Promoter RhonBob Promotions: I was inspired by the article about Loudilla Johnson.  I am sure she will be greatly missed, and wish I had met her.  I can see why so many admire her and already miss her.  She had vision and determination, and succeeded in style.  People such as Loudilla are rare. I can imagine the angels are rejoicing in heaven to have her there.

DJ Bev from Canada: So sorry to hear that the family is in my prayers hugs

Frans and Cathy Maritz Wildhorse Entertainment South Africa: We were fortunate to be introduced to Loudilla and Kay, by another very good friend of ours, the late “James Allen”. James must have blown our trumpet really loud as after he introduced us we were welcomed with open arms by both Loudilla and Kay. That introduction lead to us being friends and that is why it is so sad for us to learn of Loudilla’s passing. It is a common fault of us humans to always think our family and friends will live forever and never really expect the news to come our way that one of our loved ones have passed.  Loudilla you will be missed more than you will ever know. We hope Kay will keep the the good work going, knowing that it will be difficult for her, we are however routing for her, as she will now not have the help of her two sisters anymore.

Wanda Copeland Anderson · University of North Texas, Denton, Texas:  Thanks for the time spent on promoting country music. She was a true original.


Loudilla Johnson is survived by sister Kay Johnson, brother Everett Johnson, sister-in-law Carlene Johnson and by numerous nieces, nephews, great nieces and great nephews.


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