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January 17, 2014 [Friday]

Issue #1269

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CENTRAL TEXAS RADIO ICON, RIP On Tuesday evening, February 28, 2013 Gaylon Christie inducts into the Radio category of the 2013 CRS Country Radio Hall of Fame in Nashville, TN in the Nashville Convention Center. Gaylon has a 50-year history in Texas Country radio. As a Holland, TX native Christie’s radio career begins as a teen DJ on KTEM-1400 in Temple, TX along with stints as station manager, executive manager and long-time owner of a Fort Hood area Country radio station. For several years, Christie manages KTON-940 in Belton and moves on up to GM of KXOL-1360 in Fort Worth. In 2000, after he sells his radio station, he continues as a DJ until 2004. On Wednesday afternoon, January 15, 2014 Nolanville, TX resident Gaylon Christie passes away.
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NO! TOM MARKER IS NOT DEAD! In 1897, Mark Twain writes in the New York Journal: …the report of my death was an exaggeration. The Chicagoland Radio & Media website updates an online report about WXRT FM’s radio personality Tom Marker in December 2013 about his exit from WXRT FM after 33 years is not correct. Tom Marker indeed remains on 93XRT’s airwaves, plus he plans to be a part of WXRT FM going into the future. However, Tom’s position changes from full-time to part-time status. Marker continues to host his signature program Blues Breakers each Monday night. But in addition to those duties, he also performs one or two other air shifts each week, as well as being a regular fill-in host on WXRT FM.
SHOOTER CAPTURES CALIENTE MEXICAN During the Christmas holidays, M&M Broadcasting flips Regional Mexican KOOV FM (La Caliente 106.9) Killeen-Kempner, TX to a simulcast of Texas Country KRMX FM (Shooter FM 92.9) Waco-Marlin, TX. KOOV FM Shooter covers the western half of the Temple-Killeen radio market. KRMX FM handles Temple’s side of the area. Radio listeners also hear KOOV FM simulcast on KTAE FM (107.7) Hico area northwest of Waco. Regional Mexican KOOV FM debuts toward the end of February 2013. KOOV FM’s Regional Mexican format continues on KLRK-1590 Mexia, TX plus on FM translator K267AI FM (101.1) Moody, also in the Waco market.
COOL RADIO ACTIVITY Greenup County Broadcasting flips both of its frequencies. WLGC FM Country (105.7) Greenup, KY/Portsmouth, OH/Huntington, WV spins to Classic Hits (Kool Hits 105.7) vs. Clear Channel WBVB FM (Oldies 97.1). WLGC-1520 Greenup, KY chucks Oldies for News. In August 2013, Greg Reed wants to purchase six outlets in Pittsfield, MA market: AC WSBS-800 Great Barrington, AC WNAW-1230 North Adams, Classic Hits WUPE FM (100.1) North Adams from Berkshire Broadcasting and WUPE-1110, News/Talk WBEC-1420 and Hot AC WBEC FM (95.9) Pittsfield from Gamma Broadcasting but the deal falls through. On January 1, 2014 Great Southern Broadcasting WAMB-1200 Nashville/W257AR FM (99.3) Donelson, TN tosses Adult Standards for Spanglish CHR.
TRIVIA QUESTION: Why does Motown records have two different record labels? The answer appears below.


•HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Don Sundeen on Sunday, January 19, 2014. •JACKIE VAN ZANT joins Mad River Contemporary Hits KQDR FM (Hot 107.3) Sherman-Denison-Texoma, TX 10:00 AM-2:00 PM plus Saturday afternoons 12:00 noon-4:00 PM beginning Monday, January 27, 2014. •MAPLETON completes its exit from radio with its sale of seven stations in Alexandria and Monroe, LA to Opus Broadcasting for $2.2 Million. •SEAN HANNITY SHOW exits Cumulus O&O WJR-950 Detroit, MI since 2001 for Salem News Talk WDTK-1400 beginning Monday, January 20, 2014.


•1954 NFL PRO BOWL on January 17th the East beats West 20-9. 1969 ELVIS PRESLEY records Mac Davis’ Don’t Cry Daddy on January 15th at the American Studios in Memphis, TN. •1977 NFL PRO BOWL on January 17th AFC beats NFC 24-14. 1981 EDDIE RABBITT repeats I Love a Rainy Night 38 times on his #1 Billboard Country single on January 17th. •1990 THE KINKS Rock group inducts into Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on January 17th. 2006 SUGARLAND posts a message on its website on January 17th that says its lead singer Kristen Hall exits the trio to concentrate on songwriting.


TOM ELLIS [Veteran WABC TV NYC & WBZ TV Boston, MA news anchor] (Boston-Cape Cod-East Sandwich, MA) Subject: JRRR. Greetings, Jim and Lacy, Seeing Lynn Woolley’s comments in your Sunday edition of JRRR prompts me to ask as he did…”What the h… do you have to do”? I’m assuming he’s wondering how one gets into the Texas Radio Hall of Fame. His resume is amazingly full just as yours is, and you’re not in the Hall either. Is it just a local political/popularity contest? Just asking.
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DR. JEFF CUNNINGHAM (Austin-Kyle, TX) Subject: Jim Rose Remembers Radio (#1268) January 13, 2014 [Monday] In answer to Lynn’s question about what it takes for a nomination/induction, I am pretty sure that it has nothing to do with what you have done, how hard you have worked, how dedicated you are to the profession, how much difference you made or how many people you influenced. It is all about block voting and getting someone to regionally pull for you and work the phones. I don’t know that it could be done different, but it seems like so many of the really important but unknown folks are not allowed into the cool-kids-club and that is very frustrating. Jeff Cunningham, DC, MA; Kyle, TX (www.zoesplaceclinic.com) / (www.myspace.com/drjeffcunningham)
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TONY WILLIAMS [former WKY-930/KRLD-1080/Metro Traffic] (Dallas-Richardson, TX) I agree. He’s on the money. It was my thought that the board of directors should select the inductees, not a bunch of people who never have and never will be in radio. It’s silly. Now that the ceremony is over, I am going to campaign again TRHOF site. After a couple of plugs for you, I also included Lynn (Woolley). I did it on my FB site and on the TRHOF.
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MIKE HARTMAN [Elvis Presley impersonator] (Ft. Worth-Joshwa, TX) Subject: My 1 song tribute to Elvis. Jim…It’s hard to believe that Elvis would’ve turned 79 just a couple of days ago. I don’t you if I ever sent you a copy of this before; but, in case I haven’t, here’s a recording of me doing one of my all-time favorite Elvis tunes, “A Mess of Blues”.  I used a pre-recorded “track” for the background music. How good were Elvis 45’s? The flipside of “A Mess of Blues” was “It’s Now Or Never”. Is that two good songs, or what? I hope you enjoy my one song tribute.  Later. Mike
JOAN PATE-DAY [late Sam Pate’s sister] (Cedar Creek Lake, TX) Subject: belated wish. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year a few days late. My Christmas present finally arrived by UPS on Dec 30. Better late than never. Worth waiting for a Casio 88 keyboard from my hubby. I also have an accordion, marimba, (wood keyboard played with mallets and pipes underneath. (at least 70 years old) and a large WURLITZER theater organ white trimmed in gold. It has three keyboards. You behave yourself this new year and may the good Lord bless and keep you and each of your fans safe and sound with no bad dreams and no belly aches.
TRIVIA ANSWER: In 1959, Berry Gordy, Jr. founds Motown record company in Detroit, MI. Motown which stands for motor and town is also Detroit’s nickname. Motown plays an important role in the racial integration of popular music with tremendous crossover success. In the 1960s, Motown comes to be known as The Motown Sound, which is a style of Soul music that has a distinct Pop influence. Gordy sets up two separate record labels (Tamla and Motown) to avoid accusations of payola if DJs happen to spin too many records from just one label. On April 14, 1960 Tamla and Motown incorporate into just Motown.
CHARLES GEORGE [ex KCHU FM] (Dallas, TX) Subject: Going Kasual. Last week I went to the Balcony Club at Lakewood. I was able to catch a show by Kenny and The Kasuals. I even managed to get a photo of me with him. Do you remember hearing him when in Dallas? Tonight I went and heard Deanna Witkowski at the Dallas Art Museum, was not hearing as well as I would like so I bought 3 CDs of hers on sale and came on home.
GWYNETH PALTROW (September 27, 1972 – p) The adrenaline of a live performance is unlike anything in film or theater. I can see why it’s so addictive.
Jim Rose and Lacy
Houston, Texas – Laus Deo

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