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WINDY CITY SPORTSCASTER FOUND DEAD Veteran Chicago, IL radio personality Johnny Von dies at 54 on Friday, March 29, 2013. The passing of John Vondruska, aka Johnny Von on the radio, shocks family members and friends because he is in peak physical shape and seemingly in great health. Johnny is a devout religious man who does not drink or smoke. Since January 2012, Johnny Von is the WCKG-1530 and Sports Director. Previously, fans hear Johnny’s voice on various other Chicago area radio stations including WLUP FM, WMVP-1000, WLS-890/WLS FM, also WKZW FM in Peoria. Johnny Von is a host on Internet radio and podcast sports talk shows, that include NFL Now! For a time, Von also fills-in as a sports reporter on WFLD TV Fox CH32.


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LENO LEAVES TONIGHT SHOW AGAIN In 1992, Jay Leno takes over the Tonight Show reins from Johnny Carson. Remember back in 2009 when NBC TV honchos ask Jay to step down to allow Conan O’Brien host the Tonight Show? This proves to be an utter ratings failure. So, in 2010, Leno returns to rescue the Tonight Show as its host. That huge mistake costs NBC TV millions of dollars to buy out O’Brien and usher him out the door. We figure that things calm down a bit at NBC TV but now we hear rumors that the 62-year-old Jay Leno will step down again this time in favor of comedian Jimmy Fallon as the new Tonight Show host. Steve Burke, NBCUniversal CEO, brags that Leno is an entertainment icon plus he says that the timing of the move couldn’t be better.


RADIO APRIL FOOLS JOKE GOES AWRY On Monday April 1, 2013 Renda Gator Country WWGR FM (101.9) morning duo Val St. John and Scott Fish in Fort Myers, FL announce that dihydrogen monoxide flows out of the city’s water taps. This creates quite a stir amongst city dwellers because on the morning ofApril 1st Lee County Utilities office telephone lines jam from upset city residents who demand to know if the water is safe to drink. This little incident causes us to wonder about scientific knowledge in today’s schools because everyone knows that dihydrogen monoxide is just another way to say water. WWGR FM’s GM Tony Renda Junior suspends morning duo Val St. John and Scott Fish indefinitely. WWGR FM and its morning duo receive a lot of publicity in local newspaper and TV.


SPORTS FLOODS THE RADIO DIAL Music flees AM for FM, so talk fills the AM gap. Then, tunes move to digital devices such as iPod and once again Talk picks up the slack on FM. Houston, TX radio listeners have four Sports outlets from which to choose: KILT-610, KBME-790, KGOW-1560 and KFNC FM (97.5). In 2011, Sports KFAN-1130 Minneapolis, MN switches spots with Conservative Talk KTLK FM (100.3) to become KFAN FM. With the addition of WGVX FM, Cumulus makes it a three Sports radio station trimulcast at 105 on the FM dial: The Ticket WGVX FM (105.1), WGVY FM (105.3), WGVZ FM (105.7) to compete with Clear Channel KFAN FM (100.3) and Hubbard ESPN KSTP-1500. That’s five Sports radio stations in the Twin Cities.


TRIVIA QUESTION: How does 1950s guitarist Hardrock Gunter gain his nickname? The answer appears below.




•HAPPY BIRTHDAY! John Driscoll one of America’s top voice over actors ( observes Saturday, April 6, 2013. Jim Bell retired Houston, TX radio broadcaster celebrates birthday in Lufkin, TX on Sunday, April 7, 2013.

•MIKE FRANCESANYC Sports Talk radio wizard signs new long-term CBS Radio pact as WFAN-660/WFAN FM (101.9) PM drive host from 1:30-6:30pm.

•MILLER MEDIA GROUP’s three radio stations (Newsradio WHOW-1520, WHOW FM 92.3 and Soft AC WEZC FM 95.9) in Clinton, IL are back on the air with low power after a fire guts their transmitter building.




•1953 WEYI TV CBS CH25 in Saginaw, MI begins broadcasting on April 5th.

1967 TROY GENTRY of 2000 Country Music Association Vocal Duo of the Year Montgomery Gentry born on April 5th in Lexington, KY.

•1970 WSNS TV IND CH44 in Chicago, IL begins broadcasting on April 5th.

1981 MIKE ELI lead singer of 2012 Academy of Country Music award winners Eli Young Band born on April 5th in Tomball, TX.

•1992 SAM WALTON billionaire CEO/owner of Wal-Mart dies of cancer at 74 on April 5th.

2008 JOHNNY CASH’s single Hurt scores #1 in CMT’s debut of its 100 Greatest Videos on April 5th.




DAVE MICHAELS (Dayton-Huber Heights, OH) Subject: The Ring. I still have my “Gold – blue stone” ring from graduation at Elkins. I think it cost $ 60.00 back than. Did you also buy one? Yes, we all have stories from Elkins. Dave


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KEN DOWE [CEO Service Broadcasting #1 KKDA FM (104.5) / EVP McLendon Corp. #1 KLIF-1190] (Dallas, TX) Subject: My promised response… Yesterday, I spoke with Sharon Young about Bill. She told me that Bill has a lot of difficulties remembering and gets confused easily. Sharon said he does not always remember those who do call him, but she thought he might remember me. I asked if it would be okay if I telephoned. “Absolutely.” I called Bill and he answered after a lot of rings. His speech was raspy and smaller than the Bill we all know, but instantly recognized my voice. He told me I sounded just as young and warm as always (He’s still lying) and was genuinely happy to hear from me. We laughed and joked. ME: “Can I do anything for you?” BILL: “Yes. You can take half my health issues and give me the rest!” We talked about how good it was that he sold the ranch when he did, and we made a lot of small talk. He was up to speed on everything, but a bit confused about some people (I know he knew) he couldn’t recall, and about a few events in which he was involved, but didn’t remember. Note: Bob & Chuck. He didn’t recollect the videos we shot in Houston a couple years ago. I asked if I could telephone him again, and he enthusiastically said, “Please!” After I hung up I called Sharon once more. Told her what had happened, and she was very pleased that Bill had responded so well. If anyone wants to contact him from time to time, I’d think that’s a good idea. …say some frequent prayers for Bill and Sharon. Bill is still a much better man than most folks we’ve ever known. Best to all, Ken


BILL YOUNG – In 1974, radio icon Bill Young steps in as our new consultant at Top 40 KFJZ-1270 in Ft. Worth, TX. As Bill breeds new life into a tired old Rock radio station, he moves me into the 9am-noon spot. In 1980, what a thrill it is when legendary radio programmer and DJ Bill Young hires me as a DJ on Album Rock KILT FM here in Houston! While Young and the KILT crew celebrate the New Year 1981 downstairs in the conference room in the old building at 500 Lovett, I count down 1980’s hit tunes upstairs on Top 40 KILT-610. Be there! Be there! Right now Bill Young experiences a few health issues. We pray for his immediate and abundant recovery.


WENDEL HULSE (Dallas-Grand Prairie, TX) Subject: Big Tex Burns and Loses His Voice. The sad thing is that Big Tex will never recover the greatest voice he ever had – that of Ol’ Jim Lowe of Radio Station WRR. His “Howdy, Folks” still rings in my ears. I listened to Ol’ Jim Lowe on WRR every morning and many afternoons for many years. His “Library Of Laughs” was always a special treat. I even had the special pleasure of meeting him one evening at the State Fair when he was taking a break from his Big Tex duties. A memory that I will always treasure. Wendel Hulse; Grand Prairie, Texas


BOB GRANT [Robert Hanger] (San Angelo-Abilene, TX) Subject: Rockabilly Pioneer. Another obit…Hardrock Gunter @ 88, 3/13/13. I knew him at WWVA, 1954; he once had music-pub. & real estate biz across Ohio River in St. Clairsville. Last I heard, he had retired to Colorado. They are going fast anymore. Use how or if you wish. BOB


TRIVIA ANSWER: Singer, songwriter and guitarist Sidney Louie Gunter Jr. born on February 27, 1925 in Birmingham, AL. In the late 1950s his music helps form Rock and Roll and Rockabilly music and he gains the title of Hardrock Gunter. He is one of the earliest Country boogie artists to start shifting into full-fledged Rockabilly. Gunter earns his nickname Hardrock when a car hood falls on his head but doesn’t seem to bother him. Friends say that his head is as hard as a rock. At 13 he forms his first band. In 1949, Gunter appears on a local kids TV show. In 1950, he records Birmingham Bounce on the Bama label. Critics claim this is one of the first Rock & Roll records. In 1951, he signs with Decca records. His duet with Roberta Lee, Sixty Minute Man, is one of the first Country records to ever cross over to R&B audiences. In December 1952, Paul Myers hires him as an emcee and DJ on WWVA-1170. In 1964, Hardrock Gunter opens an insurance agency.


JIM GOUGH [‘Mr. Texas’-movie actor-voice actor] (Austin-Liberty Hill, TX) Subject: Jim Rose Remembers Radio (#1186) April 01, 2013 [Monday] Jim…been thinking about all the interesting on-air folks in Houston over the years. Do you know what happened to Richard Dobbin and Milton Allen Graves? I’ll never forget their ‘gangbuster’ news style on KIKK. The last time I saw Dobbin he was at KNUZ. Milton was at KFRD for a short time when I was there. Jim Gough


PSY (South Korean gangbuster Gangnam Style Rapper sensation) People change…memories don’t.


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