How Much Profit Do You Get From Each New Sale ?

How much profit do you get from each new sale?

Not just the immediate profit, the money you bank today, but the profit from that new client for as long as they buy from you?

Is it more than R200?

And if you made a new sale each week, would it be more than R200 per month? And if you made a new sale each day, would it be more than R200 per month?

If your answer is a resounding NO, then please burn this e-mail.

If your answer is YES, or even MAYBE, then may I ask you to join me on a journey?

The journey is to take your business, no matter what size, from whereever it is today, to somewhere bigger and better by 5 May (that’s next month). And then, if you want to, take it somewhere much, much bigger and better by 5 April next year.

If you’ve been reading PetesWeekly for a while then you know that I talk straight. And when I see something going wrong, I share it quickly. And sometimes, when something needs a little light-heartedness, I exaggerate a little. (Okay, sometimes I exaggerate a lot.) But when it comes to selling, I take it very seriously. Selling is the key to your future prosperity and mine.

I am convinced that you can make much more profit from your current business. I am convinced that I can help you do this in a way that won’t take more than a few minutes each day, won’t take much discipline (because I’m going to remind you each day), and which will be fun and almost painless.

You will see results within a month. And over the space of the year, as the cumulative effect of each daily nudge grows, you will see big changes in your bank balance.

You just have to read the very short daily sales/marketing idea I will send you each business day, and do it. And when you see it working for you, add it into your sales/marketing approach. No more than a few minutes each day, I promise. But, over a longer time, those few minutes add up to a deluge of extra sales.

If you can trust me for just the next month, then please go here right now and join Business Warriors. (For now, ignore the hundreds of hours of videos we have for you, and the weekly webinars, and the forum, because this is just about helping you sell more in the next 30 days.) If you do not see a big difference within the month, then please ask for your money back.

If you join today, preferably right now, while the early bird offer is still open, your investment in growing your sales will be about R200 per month (exactly $21.97). If you wait until tomorrow, or next month, you will get exactly the same immense sales benefits, but they will need an investment of about R275 per month (exactly $29.97).

What have you got to lose? Please join me here, today.

Warm regards
Peter Carruthers

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