Petes Weekly: Good Day To You All

Good morning.

It is the end of August. A good time to reflect on this past month’s sales results.
Most of us are too busy to attend sales/selling training, most of which is too expensive. Two days after a seminar or workshop, no matter how enthused, we revert back to our old habits. That’s life.
I’d love to tell you that I have the answer. I don’t. But I do have an answer that is working very well for 420 business owners. Instead of a long session once a month, I ask clients to do something practical and sales-related for just 10 minutes each morning.
You can see today’s example below. Some of my clients have sales staff, and they simply forward this daily “Selling Salts” email to everone realted to selling. (Common ongoing training and inspiration for all of them for almost nothing.)
Those folk already flying follow the light instructions and report improving sales results each month. Not just more sales, but higher value and profit sales. Ten minutes each day, it turns out, is a whole lot more effective than three hours once a month (or once a year).
Anyone who gets overwhelmed, and we have a few, gets a call from me to relook at their approach and refine it.
Every Tuesday evening I present a live webinar covering some important facet of this business owner life. Every Thursday morning we have a live, spontaneous Drop-In session where anyone can attend to ask anything in public.
All of which means nothing unless each client prospers. Most are. Maybe that’s why so few people have left since we started in January.
The last time I was able to take on new clients was in early June, almost three months ago.
I can take on 25 new clients this next month. The take-on tends to be a personal, interactive process as I learn about your business and suggest some ideas that will make an immediate difference to your sales. (It is effective and fun because most of us are so entrenched in our businesses that we do not see the forest because of all the big trees surrounding us.
If you want more sales in September I would like to help.
Here is the copy of today’s email to Business Warriors. It is amazing what happens when folk get a gentle reminder that “selling” is the only way that real money flows into their business.


Dear Peter

Selling Salts: Yet another Month End…
For most of us, today is effectively the end of the business of August. That means it is time to tally up the numbers. And then to use those numbers to work out what to do in September. It is not time to berate ourselves for the results we got. It is just time to assess what to do next moth, based on what we learned this past month.
Some time ago I mentioned a segment of Tim Ferriss’ book – The Four Hour Body. He talks about how the easiest way to balance your weight with your height is to get on the scale each morning, weigh yourself, and write it down. As a result I am down from a 42 inch waist to 34 inches. Every single person who has tried it balks at first at actually knowing the numbers. But once they get over that aspect, every single person has succeeded in quickly getting change for the better. Even my mother-in-law. Just knowing the numbers carries power.
If the morning KG number comes in and it is a tad higher than you expect, you are inspired to eat wisely today. And if it is a tad lower than you expect, happy-happy, but now you are inspired to continue with yesterday’s program. The number itself is meaningless. It is what you do with that information that matters.
So, this evening, please take a few minutes to look at your dashboard – the one that tells you what your sales figure was for August. (And tells you how close you came to your budget.) Then look at how you can get closer to your budget next month. And if you cannot bridge that gap, then we should be talking next week. And if you don’t have the numbers, we should also be talking next week.

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