Will This Be Our Very Last Easter Celebration ?


Today its Easter Friday, and it seems as though most of the people today are exactly as evil as at any time in the Bible when people were punished by God for being so sinful. Everything the Bible teaches is ignored by the so-called Liberal men and woman of our modern world. It seems that every time the people behaved as they do today, God punished them for their sins.

I for one, only want one thing in my lifetime, and that is to live in peace and be able to get through everyday being able to pay my rent and expenses, and above all, be free to pray when and where I want, to my God without being persecuted by the Liberated minded people that are today so vocal and disrespectful to my God.

Today I am not free to speak my mind as I have to be very careful of what I say. If I say something that offends the liberals, I am called a racist. Even though the insults they sling around, are totally uncalled for, hurtful and downright racist, at the very least. Liberals keep on shouting Racist or everything related to that, so that eventually we are just to scared to even open our mouths about anything, other than to eat our food. It seems very clear to me that when a liberal is busy losing an argument with a conservative, his only line of defence is to shout “Racist”

So I sit here behind my computer today and write this short article and know that somewhere, out there somewhere, someone will be crucifying me for my statement above. Yet if we don’t as Christians, make our voices heard, we are without doubt in danger of being doomed to extinction. Which in my opinion, is probably the plan of the modern-day liberals.

The liberals are shouting and screaming at us in the streets, they are insulting Christianity all day and all night. They say the most racist and hurtful things about Christians, and we?…….. we just change the channel on the TV, and watch sport or something else, as though all this persecution will go away by changing the channel.

I am not suggesting that you do anything violent to show your opposition, to this oppression. what I do say is Christians should start opening their mouths and defend their religion with an even greater roar than those who are shouting it down. If we don’t, the time will come much sooner, when it’s too late. If this is the last Easter we will be celebrating publically, we will have lost another battle waged against our God.

Do you want to live in a world where chaos rules, no laws, no morals and no God? It will be unbearable for the few of us who still believe, for when the time comes we will have to endure the pain and suffering, if we want to be part of the Kingdom Of God.

In closing I want to add that you need not believe the liberals when they say that religion started all the wars in the history of mankind. When you think it through, you may also start believing that it was not religion that started the wars but evil men who used religion as an excuse to start the wars.

The good thing is that in the end, God will triumph over all of this, and those of us who resisted all the liberal changes that are coming, will rejoice in the house of the Lord.


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  1. I couldn’t be prouder of you Frans, I wholeheartedly agree with all you wrote. I have always believed that we must stick up for what we believe, and know that Jesus will bless it. You live in a very difficult country and put yourself on the line each day, plus your excellent web site. Jesus must be smiling right now, and hope that many other Christians will add their words of support. May you and Cathy know there are many of us behind you. Go my dear friend and continue ALL you do, you are a great representative of the Christian faith. Bob and I respect your stand, your boldness and character. For those that avoid issures where they should be bold, remember life is short, go forward in faith, and share your Christian walk with many others. None of us know when our time will come to meet Jesus face to face. John 3:16.
    To you Frans and Cathy, your site is very necessary, your commitment to serve Jesus and tell the truth is encouragement to people of all ages. May God continue to bless all you do & put protective angels around you , your loved ones , your property, your website and all you have. HAPPY BLESSED EASTER ! ! Rhon

    • Thank you Rhon, I do not believe that I deserve all that praise, you have filled your comment so much, that it is over flowing. But thank You

  2. Submitted on 2013/03/30 at 4:00 am
    Hey Frans…great article…you are so right!!! We Catholics and Christians are under assault from the Liberal left and it gets worse every day.Some idiotic school districts here in the US, especially Alabama of all states…the heart of the “Bible Belt” has now banned the word “Easter”….can you believe that?????? No more Easter eggs,,,it’s now a Spring egg … Spring bunny etc etc…our poor kids are being so indoctrinated at an early age to think Liberal that the USA is an whole heap of dog sh*t…and it only started getting worse since this fraud and Muslim Obama got fraudulently elected…and again this time. We have not one person here that will stand up for the rights of the Catholics!!! Billy Graham is now too old to do that…maybe his son Franklin may but there is absolute silence from the Right and Conservatives when it come to defending Easter. It’s very scary Frans…if we were to assault Islam or Mohammed in this way, oh my Goodness watch out…there would be hell to pay!!!� As Helen and I have said for many years…”Jesus is a back-seat boy”…he gets no respect…neither does Christianity any more. Wishing you and Cathy a very HAPPY EASTER…God Bless all you do and keep spreading the word…you are awesome.� You also remind me of the lead singer of “Alabama”� Randy Owen….have you been told that before? Take care…PAUL & HELEN xoxo

    • If I could Only sing half as good as Randy Owen, I will be happy to look like Randy Owen. Thanks Paul great to have you and Helen as friends.

  3. Did you write this. No matter. It is great and I just wanted to let you know that. We are two of a kind my friend in our thinking.


  4. What a sad world this would be without Easter and Christianity. Hard to imagine, and for me,
    I’d feel that life is not worth living if I can’t worship the our Creator, God and His son, Jesus!
    I shudder to think this could be a reality and fervantly pray it does not come to pass!!