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Allen Foster: From Feasterville, Pa, my friend Allen, who’s an editor, songwriter, pianist & teacher has posted a very different review (of Katie Ferrara) in a story format. It was so fun to read… check it out: Click here Allen also made a video of his 10-year old talented student (Drew Taylor Hirsch) singing Ivy’s EDGE OF THE OCEAN. Drew played all the instruments except drums. Click to watch video Plus his music is being featured in 2 apps: Blastwords for ipad and FlickIt Alley (Universal App). BlastWords: Click here FlickIt Alley: Click here  A1Foster@aol.com

Doris E. Hays: From Peoria, IL, Doris is a prolific songwriter who has a new CD out with Keith Bradford called: Biography of a Song, Volume 2. This CD is unique as every song is introduced by Keith Bradford and tells the story behind the song before the song is actually played. This is Doris E. Hayes second storybook CD narrated by Keith Bradford. I listened to all 10…All are great, but my personal faves are: My Ireland – An Angel Earning Her Wings – An Old Country Tune – Take it To The Lord & Stars in Your Crown! Email Doris: starpath@centurytel.net

DJ Dean Wilt: From NY,DJ Dean, who owns Country Gold Jukebox(a PalTalk.com online radio show), is known for his recitations and his latest one THE PRICE OF INNOCENCE is getting lots of airplay worldwide. He wrote it after he learned of the terrible tragedy at Sandy Hook, CT. It is very inspiring and well-done! deanwilt@yahoo.com

DJ Mike Stevenson: From Smithville, TN, Mike has Great Country Radio (GCR)and gives out annual awards (of which I’m a proud recipient this year). Upon hearing of the recent tragedy in CT, he immediately started a program that will enable artists and promoters to donate items to help support those in a crises situation of that nature and more important to take steps that it doesn’t happen again. DJ Mike recently had a special show (which he’ll have annually) for our mutual friend Fred Leonard, who passed away a year ago January. Prayers are requested for DJ Mike as he has been hospitalized several times in the past month with complications from his diabetes. Use 2nd address if 1st one doesn’t work. djmike@gcrnashville.commichaelnjcaaregx@gcr.comcastbiz.net

Mike Johnson: From TN, my friend, Mike, has two great things for me to write about this time: First is that on 7 January 2013, the Library of Congress Performing Arts Reading Room acquired “I Just Wanted To Be A Songwriter, a Mike Johnson Music Anthology” for its growing Mike Johnson collection. Janet McKee started the ball rolling back in 2007 when she acquired 114 of Johnson’s yodeling songs for the Recorded Sound Reference Center. Mike’s Label (Roughshod Records) also produced a CD album for James Adelsberger (BACK HOME AGAIN & THE HOLY RIVER). These songs can be heard: Click here Email Mike: BlackYodelNo1@aol.com


If you have single CDs and/or CD albums that you like to get played at a college radio station, please send them to DJ David Pearce,WQSU-FM; Susquehanna University; Selinsgrove, PA 17870. Please note that David can’t play MP3, so you’ll need to send your CDs snail mail..


Important Note about Reverbnation: I dont think I’d recommend the Reverbnation though. We had a mis-understanding in early December and they locked me out of my account (that I’d paid for in advance until I did things their way. Well I complied immediately as I’d spent a lot of time adding my songs & lyrics at their site (although I disapproved of their tactics). That’s been several months ago and I still can’t get into my account. You can go there, but I can’t add or change songs, etc.

Roses & Wine (for a toast) below to thank all those above

who’ve been supportive for many years and to all my fans as well!

171x_winegrapesrosesTHANKS SOOO VERY MUCH!! JUDY

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  1. Nicely written Judy…. lots of hours go into your Newsletters, and hard work. hugs Rhon