Kaylee Rose Believes “Love Can Make you Blind”

Kaylee Rose Wanted This Song To Be As Honest And As Real As Possible

Kaylee Rose shares her vulnerability in her new song, “Love Makes You Blind.” Written after a fight with her boyfriend, “Love Makes You Blind” describes how her boyfriend ignores all the things she views as imperfections. Rose, a Florida native, says she wanted “Love Makes You Blind” to be as genuine and honest as possible for listeners, which is why the song has a seductive beat and a distinct throwback feel. She says that, even though the song was inspired by her own experiences, she wanted it to be romantic and vulnerable so that all couples could relate to it. “I hope listeners are aware that it is okay to have flaws and imperfections and that there is someone out there who will love you unconditionally for who you are,” she says.

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