Artist Sad As Fart Noises Costs as Much As Hit Songs

Alarm Bells Ring When Fart Noises Costs Same As A Hit Country Song

It is now almost 10 years since Vince Gill made it very clear that he was disappointed in the current state of the Country music industry, and was pretty worried about where it was heading. He had realized at the time that record sales were not what they used to be, and income from streaming was dwindling by the day. Vince publically said that his single costs the same as it did in 1960 and realizing that how fast the music has devaluating was laughable that it would only cost 99us cents in back in 2012.

“On my phone, I can get an app for 99 cents that makes fart noises — the same price as the thing I create and speak to the world with. Some would say the fart app is more important. It’s an awkward time. Creative brains are being sorely mistreated.” Vince Gill

At the time Vince had a new album coming out with his popular western swing band, “The Time Jumpers”, who he was still a member of back then. Vince  made it clear after becoming an Independent that the only good thing about all this was that no one could dictate to him about what and how he choose to record and produce the songs on the album .

Well it’s now 10 years later and the world is not the same anymore yet nothing in the music industry as far as royalty payments have changed much, excepting you can now probably buy as many farts as you want for the price of a hit song, which really is no laughing matter. Vince Gill was a member of “The Time Jumpers” from 2010 to around 2020 with a string of hits to their name.

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