Country Star Donna Cunningham Falls Off Step Ladder

Donna Cunningham Cracked & Badley Bruised But Not Broken Collar Bone

Hundreds of Concerned Friends, Family, and Fans, Wanting to Know About Her Condition

Independent Superstar and Hall Of Fame member Donna Cunningham recently joked about her unfortunate accident saying, “Falling off a ladder can get you a concussion, 6 staples in your head, a bruised collar bone, a broken hand and a cut and bruised leg…” Well, that’s exactly what happened to our Independent Country Music superstar Donna Cunningham, earning her a trip to the emergency room after accidentally falling off her step ladder at her home in Ohio
Yesterday while Donna was recovering at home from her accident, a huge black and blue bruise showed up on her chest. She was immediately taken back to the ER (Emergency Room) where it was at first thought perhaps Donna’s Color Bone was broken. However, after X-Rays were taken, it was in fact found to be her collar Bone but Luckily for Donna, it was only cracked a little and not broken.
Donna wants to thank all for the Well wishes that are pouring in from all over with hundreds of concerned friends, family, and fans, wanting to know about her condition while all are hoping and wishing she will heal very quickly. Donna is currently resting at home and from the looks of things will recover really soon.

 – WHISNews21

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