Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes, Georgette Jones?

Georgette Jones Only Child of Jones & Tammy Wynette Filling Their Shoes?

George Jones would have been really proud of Georgette the only one of his four kids to try and fill his shoes. Taking into consideration George’s way of life while living his life as Country music royalty and his struggle with addiction and alcohol, it has been said that George was a dedicated father. Georgette Jones born in 1970 is the only child of Jones and Tammy Wynette and the only child to pursue a life in Country Music. As a George Jones fan, we would love to think its because George recorded a single with Georgette when she was just a child titled, “Daddy Come Home” that her interest in Country Music grew to where it is today. She later wrote a song for her Father called, “You And Me And Time” which was included in George’s final album, “Burn The Playhouse Down.” With five studio albums and Grand Ole Opry appearances to her credit, Georgette is keeping her Father’s music alive. George’s other three kids, Jeffrey Jones, Susan Jones, Bryan Jones have unfortunately not followed in their father’s footsteps.

 – WHISNews21

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