Is YouTube Skipping A Beat To Avoid Paying Royalties

Is YouTube Skipping A Beat To Avoid Paying Royalties

Please Note Comment from The Music City Ghost added after first publication

Have you also noticed that the view counter on YouTube does not always move on once the Video is viewed

With all the monetization and royalties now allegedly available by adding your song to Youtube and collecting royalties, it seems something is wrong. In the past six months many artist shave been complaining that their fans are watching their videos but the viewing counter refuses to move

We have therefore in the interest of the artists decided to check this, we took a few videos at random and viewed each one of them twice, and low and behold the viewing counter refused to move on 50% of the viewed videos. There is most definitely a problem somewhere and in good faith we will not blame Youtube yet, however it is, their viewing counter.

One fan said that after watching his favorite band on You tube he noticed the counter didn’t change.  He says he then backed out of you tube and logged right back in and then and only then did the counter change. Another fan said he decided to put this to the test and not only tried this but he also hit refresh several times after viewing his favorite video and still the counter had not moved.

Just In, Comment from the Music City Ghost: “If I had a video on you tube that I was hoping to receive royalties on, I don’t think I will live long enough to get enough money for a meal at my favorite restaurant here in Nashville.  I have heard stories of copyright owners receiving one million views on you tube and receiving less than one hundred dollars for a royalty check. Please Note This comment by the MCG was not included in the original article and is added now for your attention.” –  Late Insertion by The Music City Ghost, as always we thank him for his input.

Now it can be said that its normal and could even be argued that the computer that’s viewing these videos could be faulty. However no matter how many excuses we or anyone else could come up with the fact is the artists are not going to be paid their pennies on the dollar for the views that are not recorded.

Yet I am pretty sure that the advertisers wont be that lucky. YouTube will do anything in their power to ensure that the ads are recorded so that they can receive the fees and the views not recorded while the artist will have to suffer that loss.

One thing is pretty sure, YouTube will not pay out their share of the advertising fees to the artists for views not recorded. If you have had the same experience please comment below, for if you keep quiet you are loosing valuable income even if it is just pennies on the dollar.

This article replaces the previous one due to the late insertions, thank you for your support and understanding.

– TheRoyaltyWatchdog 2018


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