Today’s Inspiration Station With Rhonnie Scheuerman

Today’s Inspiration Station With Rhonnie Scheuerman

Author:  Penney Schwab


On Sunday my Pastor ScharleenCross related a scary experience from the night before.  Just after dark, she decided to water the flowers in her front yard. Because she would pony be out a few moments, she left her little dog inside even though he barked furiously  She was in protest  She was about to turn on the water when she sensed something creep up behind her.  She turned around, her heart racing…

It was a skunk, fully grown, fully loaded, his tail up and ready to spray.  Pastor Careen’s  didn’t move a muscle..  She looked at the skunk.  It looked at her.  After what seemed like an eternity, the skunk lowered it’s tail and ambled away.

It was a thank you, Jesus moment she told us.  ” All I could say was, “Thank You Jesus! Thank You that my dog was inside.  Thank  You  for keeping me from screaming or fainting!  Most of all , thank You that the skunk left.”

I thought about Pastor Scharleen’s  experience several times that day.  I’ve  been trying to develop a grateful heart–an attitude of gratitude.  I always

Thanked God for big blessings, like a bountiful corn harvest and my friend Susan’s return to good health following chemotherapy.  But I doubled I would have given thanks for an encounter with a skunk.

Was I missing opportunities  to thank God because I didn’t recognize them?  Did blessings sometimes come disguised  as troubles?  Or as thing I simply took for granted?   What would happen if I actually tried giving thanks in all things?

Lord, give me eyes that see, a mind that understands, and a heart of praise for the

“Thank You Jesus moments that happen every day. Penney


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