Jim Rose Remembers Radio Friday April 21, 2017

April 21, 2017 [Friday] Issue #1609


YOU’RE IN A HEAP OF TROUBLE BIDS GOOD BYE In the early 1970s, we remember actor Joe Higgins as a sheriff in Dodge commercials say: Boy, you’re in a heap of trouble. We also remember character actor Clifton James who creates a niche for himself as a Southern Sheriff from Louisiana in 1973’s James Bond flick Live and Let Die. His Southern drawl returns 1974’s James Bond film The Man with the Golden Gun. On Saturday morning, April 15, 2017 Clifton James passes away at 96 just blocks away from his childhood home.

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MORNING ZOO RETURNS TO GOTHAM CITY Last year’s one-day WCBS FM (Z100) Morning Zoo reunion in New York City with Scott Shannon and Ross Brittain on April 1, 2016 is such a huge hit that the 2017 Morning Zoo reunion runs for four days beginning Tuesday, April 18, 2017 and runs all week long. Get ready to roll tape, because the stroll down memory lane fun begins early Tuesday on The Big Show With Scott Shannon In The Morning.

PHILLY FM RADIO’S PADRE GOES GOLD After he graduates from Youngtown State University in 1960, Jerry Lee becomes interested in the future of radio. In 1963, Jerry Lee moves to Philadelphia, PA to form a partnership with the late engineer with Philco Electronics Dave Kurtz, and launches WDVR FM (101.1) [now WBEB FM] mix of familiar music which becomes the #1 FM radio station in Philadelphia. On May 7, 2017 Jerry Lee receives the Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters’ highest award, The Gold Medal.

WILL DIGITAL RADIO KILL FM? Do you remember when, instead of watching dramas at home on a TV screen, we listen to them on the radio? In 1975, during the CB craze, we radio DJs fear that CB radio will kill AM radio. FM pretty much signs a death warrant for AM radio. Smartphones and now digital radio have FM radio in its sights. In January 2017, Norway is the first country to end FM radio. A surge in digital listeners brings a new golden age of radio which might trigger the beginning of the end of FM listening.

TRIVIA QUESTION: What do the Chicago, IL radio station call letters WLS stand for? The answer appears below.


•HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Ray Dio & Rick Upton April 18th. Ernie Phillips April 22nd. T.J. Callahan April 25, 2017. •SLACKER RADIO free Internet online music streaming service San Diego, CA lays off 25% of its staff. •WXLC FM (102.3 XLC) raises $18,719 in March 2017 for St. Baldrick’s foundation during its annual Hair for Hope event at the Green Town Tavern in Waukegan, IL. •LEW DICKEY founder/former Cumulus Media CEO resigns as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors fills the seat with his brother John Dickey.


•1950 PETER FRAMPTON Rock singer/guitarist with bands Humble Pie and The Herd born on April 22nd in Kent, England. ‎•1965 RORY LEE FEEK (Country duo Joey+Rory) is born on April 25th in Atchison, KS. •1971 FRANCOIS [Doc] DUVALIER Haiti dictator dies at 64 on April 21st. •1987 DWIGHT YOAKAM’s album Hillbilly Deluxe releases on Reprise records on April 21st. ‎‎•1999 BUDDY ROGERS actor [Wings] dies at 94 on April 21st. ‎•2007 CARRIE UNDERWOOD’s single Wasted grabs #1 in Billboard Country on April 21st. ‎‎‎


BEN HAROLD [ex KXOL-1360/KBUY-1540/WBAP-820/KENR-1070] (Knoxville, TN) Subject: Mad Lad’s passing! oh yeah, he and i always had a blast! there was just something the guy that near everything that came out of his mouth was funny. and the night bill locked his keys in his car was absolutely hilarious. we actually thought the PD was going to arrest us for trying to break into or steal the news unit. mine was parked next to it and MY keys were inside by my typewriter, because i hated spending hours sitting on lumpy stuff. none of us had our id’s on us, but one of the cop recognized either me or bill, so we were ok and the cop used a slim jim to help us get into jim car. mad lad’s record ran out, so we had a LOT of dead air and had bob norman found about it, both bill and i would have been toast for sure. but i’ll never forget us looking at each other, like, uh, oh! how are we gonna get back in the building. reuben was, indeed, one of the greats…it’s a BIG loss. he was one of those guys you never forget! ben and lady-girl

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KAREN [DUCKIE] MASSEY (ex morning host on KXOL-1360, KBUC FM) (San Antonio, TX) Subject: Society of San Antonio Radio Broadcasters. I wonder how I can get a hold of him (Tom T Hall), any ideas? As for Liz, she announced to everyone how nice you were to mention Bobby (Reyes) in your column. A lot of the Radio Royalty folks read your radio column. Duckie! Director of Sports Sales Baywood Hotels (www.baywoodhotels.com)

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JASON WAYNE [Goggans] (San Antonio, TX) Amazing…I guess we never crossed paths as I didn’t get to Austin until ’73. Perhaps you also might have known Gordon Smith who did weather on weekends @ CH. 36 ? Did you also know the woman who did a talk show at noon on CH. 36, with Mel (Pennington) and her name is Joyce Isaac as the program was called “The Joyce & Mel Show” ? a real crowd pleaser and also way ahead of their time with this type of daily program.

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DAVE TUCKER [ex KFJZ-1270, KXOL-1360, KBOX-1480] (Ft. Worth, TX) When I was a child disk jockey in west Texas in the early 60’s I had occasion to meet Chuck Berry. I forgot exactly how I found out that Chuck would don a pair of shades and come out to the lobby to see what mood the audience was in. I spotted him and tapped on his shoulder. He remembered me and we had a quick chat. The next time he came to Lubbock I sought him out again. This was one of the three times I met Chuck Berry. I think I was working for KSEL or KLBK. at that time. I know he had a lot of patience to put up with a pesky young disk jockey. He was always friendly. I remember Chuck Berry. About this time I was headed for KBOX in Dallas. That’s another story.

TRIVIA ANSWER: Sears Roebuck & Company in Chicago starts its own radio station. On March 21, 1924 WBBX-890 Chicago, IL goes on the air. On April 12, 1924, it becomes WLS for the World’s Largest Store. On April 19, 1924 WLS-890 airs its first National Barn Dance.

JUDGE JONATHAN HAYES [ex KWKH-1130, KEEL-710, WKY-930, KLIF-1190, KVIL FM, KLUV FM] (Waxahachie, TX) Subject: How to subscribe. I see a link to “unsubscribe” but nowhere to “subscribe” Am I just blind? Jonathan Hayes Waxahachie, Texas 45 year veteran of radio now retired

SLOANE CROSLEY (August 3, 1978 – p) I can’t see the forest through the trees, except the trees are people.

Jim Rose and Suzie
Houston, Texas – Laus Deo

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