Jim Rose Remembers Radio Monday Nov 28, 2016


November 28, 2016 [Monday] Issue #156


BRADY BUNCH LOSES STAR On February 14, 1934, Florence Agnes Henderson is born near the Kentucky border in Dale, IN. In the 1950s and ’60s she appears on The Oldsmobile Music Theater, The Dean Martin Show and game shows like The Match Game and Password. In 1969, she appears in The Brady Bunch that runs from September 1969 to March 1974. On Thursday, ‎November ‎24, ‎2016 Florence Henderson passes away at 82 of heart failure at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA.

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ALAMO CITY RADIO TALK HOST DISAPPEARS In 1979, Pat Rodgers arrives at WOAI-1200 from Milwaukee, WI to turn the radio station into a powerhouse of news and talk as the flagship of the new Clear Channel Communications, now iHeartMedia. Rodgers builds a powerful news operation and a stable of talk show hosts including Carl Wiglesworth, Eliza Sonneland, news legends Bob Guthire and George Jennings and sportstalk host Jay Howard. On Wednesday, November 23, 2016, Pat Rodgers dies at 67 of a massive heart attack.

CBS RADIO RADIATES NATIONWIDE TRAFFIC CHANGES Big changes for CBS Radio and Radiate Media with a nationwide partnership effective April 1, 2017. Radiate becomes the exclusive traffic provider, and in many cases, news and weather information provider for all CBS Radio stations in America. In Chicago, IL this means that all of the CBS Radio station traffic reporters including and especially WBBM-780 Newsradio & WBBM FM (105.9) might seek other opportunities in 2017.

OPEN HOUSE PARTY HOST STEPS DOWN Open House Party is first live national major market Top 40 radio show that launches on WXKS FM (Kiss 108) Boston, MA in 1987. It expands to major market radio in the U.S. and Canada. John Garabedian, creator and original host of syndicated Open House Party announces that he soon steps down as host. John says: When I sold Open House Party to United Stations four years ago, they required me to host for four more years. That expires at midnight this New Year’s Eve.

TRIVIA QUESTION: Where does Larry King get his air name? The answer appears below.


•HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Gentleman Jim Carter (#70) November 28th. Michael Shiloh & George BaileyNovember 29th. Bill Hennes & Mike Butts November 30th. Norm Perry, Chuck Dunaway & Lynn WoolleyDecember 1, 2016. •ROBERT (Bob) JORDAN WGN TV Chicago, IL News Anchor announces voluntarily retirement from TV news after 46 years, with 41 years on WGN TV. •KYXY FM Adult Contemporary (Soft Rock 96.5) San Diego, CA flips to Christmas at 3 pm Thursday Thanksgiving Day, November 24, 2016.


•1954 NETHERLANDS 1st pro football game on November 28th. •1966 JACK GREENE’s single There Goes My Everything begins a 7-week stay at #1 in Billboard Country on December 24th. •1976 ROBERT FLEMINGCanadian composer dies at 55 on November 28th. ‎•1989 RANDY TRAVIS’ single It’s Just A Matter Of Timesnares #1 in Billboard Country on December 2nd. •1994 NORWAY votes against joining European Union on November 28th. •2007 GARY ALLAN’s Greatest Hits album goes Gold on November 29th.


JACK PARNEL [ex PD/DJ WHBQ-] (Memphis, TN) Subject: America’s first stereo FM. `Jim: Your article about the first FM station to go stereo reminded me of a Joni James 45 record of “You Are My Love”…one of her great hits from in 1958 or 1959; it was on MGM, and was stereo AND mono…one side was stereo and the other mono. I was in my infancy (19 years old!) at WHBQ here in Memphis at the time, and we had gotten FCC licensing to play stereo, using WHBQ Radio as the right channel and our sister TV station audio as the left channel, but we could only use that after WHBQ-TV signed off, about midnight. Listeners were directed to put their radio on the right of their TV. It worked well, but of course was very limited time-wise. That was concocted by our manager, Bill Grumbles, a genius broadcaster who was ahead of his time. Jack Parnell-former WHBQ jock-Memphis, TN.

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[Gentleman] JIM CARTER [KCBQ-1170/KNUS FM/WFAA-570/KONO-860/KLIF-1190/KXOL-1360] (San Antonio, TX) Happy late birthday to you my friend! The old Gentleman, (ME), turns 70 on Monday the 28rh! Never thought I’d make it this far. At least I’m not as old as Jimmy Rabbitt…Lol. Everything beyond this is all gravy I s’pose. Happy holidaze! Gentleman Jim Carter/San Antonio, Texas San Antonio Radio Hall of Fame Inductee – 2015

BILL BRAGG [Voice of Big Tex 2002-12] (Richardson, TX) HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG GUY! You are the “walking Encyclopedia of Radio! If I still had The National Museum of Communications; there would be a special area dedicated to you! Enjoy your Special Day! Bill Bragg (www.billbragg.com) 47 years in Radio & TV Broadcasting – The Voice of BIG TEX 2002 -2012 The State Fair of Texas

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JOE FORD [ex KILT-610, KNUZ-1230, KLDE FM] (Houston-Spring, TX) Subject: Your special day! Happy Birthday, Jim! You and Susie make it a memorable one. Joe Ford
DALE MILLER (Houston-Spring, TX) Happy Birthday!
CONNELL MILLER (Branson, MO) Hey, Jim…”HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” young feller!
MIKE SHILOH [KFNC FM-Houston-Prod-Dir-News/Talk-KTRH-KNUZ] ‎(Houston, TX) Happy birthday to you, my friend!

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JIM MCCURDY (Austin, TX) Subject: Happy Birthday!! I’ll be hitting the big 7-0 in February so I’m not too far behind. Another way of looking at is that you are celebrating the 44th anniversary of your 30th birthday Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! Jim McCurdy (www.ufcu.org)

TRIVIA ANSWER: On May 1, 1957, Larry King begins in radio on WAHR-1490 (now WMBM) in Miami Beach, FL for $55 a week. WAHR’s manager says that his real last name Zeiger is too ethnic. Just minutes before air time, Larry chooses his new airname King from an ad in The Miami Herald for King’s Wholesale Liquor.

BEN HAROLD (Chattanooga, TN) Subject: happy thanksgiving. hi jim, here’s wishing you and suzie a happy and blessed thanksgiving. my prayers will be with you both, as always. ben

ARTHUR [Big Guy] CARLSON (WKRP In Cincinnati-1978) As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.

Jim Rose and Suzie
Houston, Texas – Laus Deo

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