Jim Rose Remembers Radio Friday Sept 18, 2015


September 18, 2015 [Friday] Issue #1443


REO SPEEDWAGON GUITARIST SUCCUMBS Former REO Speedwagon guitarist Gary Richrath born on October 18, 1949 in Peoria, IL is a major influence on the Rock group’s early sound and success. Richrath records 12 albums with REO Speedwagon. He writes their 1980 hit Take it On the Run plus he sings lead vocals on tracks that include Find My Fortune and Wild as the Western Wind. REO Speedwagon guitarist Gary Richrath, who writes the band’s 1973 hit Ridin’ the Storm Out dies at 65 on September 13, 2015.

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MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL LEGACY After 45 seasons, there is a total of 730 televised Monday Night Football games. Miami Dolphins have most Monday night appearances followed by Dallas Cowboys. Cowboys meet Redskins for 17th time in 2015. Monday Night Football is first national broadcast to announce John Lennon’s death when Howard Cosell announces that Lennon is shot and killed in New York City. On October 3, 2011, ESPN pulls Hank Williams Jr.’s theme song after he appears on Fox News Channel Fox & Friends.

ALPHA HIRES BULL RIDER TO RIDE HERD IN EAST TX Born in the Appalachians, Matt Ganssle begins his radio career in California’s San Joaquin Valley. His radio journey takes him to KPLX FM Dallas, TX; KBWF FM San Francisco, CA; KKWF FM Seattle, WA plus other spots on the dial. In his spare time, Matt is a bull rider and all-things rodeo. Ganssle migrates from his Operations and Program Director position on ACM-Nominated KSJJ FM Bend, OR to Program Director of Alpha Media Country KYKX FM (105.7) in Longview, TX.

DIX SELLS MD CLUSTER TO FOREVER MEDIA In early ‎August 2015, Dix Communications announces their sale of their Cumberland, MD cluster to Forever Media for an undisclosed amount. The sale involves Country WFRB FM (105.3), Classic Rock WKGO FM (Go 106.1), News/Talk WFRB-560 and AC The River WTBO-1450/W289BR (105.7). Dix also unloads its two non-core newspapers. Other Dix Communications properties include four radio stations in Gainesville/Ocala, FL plus two in its home market of Wooster, OH.

TRIVIA QUESTION: Why does Tom Clay exit CKLW-800 in 1964 that serves the Detroit. MI radio audience? The answer appears below.


•OUR PRAYERS go out to Rick Stacy PD/morning personality on CBS Radio AC WOCL FM (Sunny 105.9) Orlando, FL who loses his youngest child, Max Anthony Ugarte of Phoenixville, PA in a car accident. •KTRK TV ABC CH 13 Houston, TX showcases its new Eyewitness News anchor and weather desk set that originally debuts in 2008 during Sunday September 13, 2015 5:30 pm newscast. •PATRICK CAPONE popular WLUP FM (The Loop 97.9) Rock DJ returns to Chicago, IL on WFXF FM (The Fox 103.9) in PM Drive.


•1957 WAGON TRAIN premieres on NBC TV on September 18th. •1962 LORETTA LYNN joins Grand Ole Opry on September 25th. •1973 JAMES MARSDEN actor The X-Men (2000) born on September 18th in Stillwater, OK. •1981 GEORGE JONES wins 1st Gold album, I Am What I Am, on September 18th more than 25 years after Why Baby Why. •1995 SPACE SHUTTLE STS-69 (Endeavour 9) lands on September 18th. •2005 BROOKS & DUNN’s Play Something Country is #1 in Billboard Country on September 17th.


BILL GARDNER [ex WIBG-990 DJ] (Las Vegas. NV) Subject: Hello From Las Vegas. Hi Jim…And happy Saturday to you! Thank you for the mention today. One small bit of minutia. 50,000 watt rock and roll pioneer WIBG Philadelphia was 990 AM in its heyday. The call letters were changed long ago, and is now known as WNTP. I believe I’m the only guy that worked at WIBG for all three owners, Storer in 1968, Buckley in 1970, and Fairbanks in 1976. If you look on a current database, you’ll see that clever New Jersey broadcaster Rick Brancadora picked up the legendary old call letters for his Ocean City AM, and his Oldies FM. That’s the frequency you’ve put next to my name. And you’re correct. That’s where the call letters now exist, but not the original station. Still enjoy reading your newsletter here in Las Vegas, and those contributions from legendary broadcasters. Bill Gardner (www.billgardnerontheradio.com)

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BEN HAROLD [ex KXOL-1360/KBUY-1540/WBAP-820/KENR-1070] (Knoxville, TN) good morning jim! i recall we BOTH worked together at KXOL-1360, before i went to WBAP-820…then i came back to KXOL-1360 before going over to KLIF-1190. in houston, i worked at KNUZ-1230 before moving over to KENR-1070. i don’t recall, however, if you and i were behind the mike at KENR-1070 during the same time, but we seem to know the same people from there, so it’s a possibility. i did help bring scott reese to the mike at KENR from KXOL-1360. you and i have a long history of working up and down the dial, so it’s quite likely our paths crossed MORE than once. however, i always did news…so i was (as most newsmen) hidden in the background – so to speak. roger that, old friend! please keep in touch. your friend, ben harold

JAY WALKER [CBS Radio Dallas/KJKK FM/Infinity KTSA-550/KTFM FM/Own Jay Walker Prod/40 Plus Years In Radio] (Dallas/Fort Worth, TX) Subject: Am I missing something? Hi Jim Am I or maybe it’s “A.M.” I missing something here? The current push to save AM Radio seems to involve cramming translators on to the FM band. How is that “SAVING” AM radio? Seems to me it’s not about saving the AM band but more about saving the AM OWNERS flawed business model. If it was about saving AM, then perhaps AM station owners would consider programming a format their market wants. Any bozo can “Track the Bird” and make syndicators happy, but how many of those stations do we really need? You and Suz take care, Jay Walker

TRIVIA ANSWER: On July 18, 1964 Tom Clay departs CKLW-800 in the Detroit. MI metro area because believes that he does not do enough on his show when he is not allowed to play the records himself due to union rules. Terry Knight from WTRX Flint, MI takes over Clay’s nighttime show. Terry goes on to become a recording artist as Terry Knight & the Pack. The Pack’s biggest hit is 1966’s I Who Have Nothing. Later, Terry Knight becomes manager for Grand Funk Railroad.

[Gentleman] JIM CARTER [KCBQ/KNUS/WFAA/KONO/KLIF/KXOL] (San Antonio, TX) Subject: Jim Rose Remembers Radio August 24, 2015 [Monday] Issue #1436. Hi Jim: KONO (860) 1974 (canned after 6 months for playing Freddie’s Dead. Came back to KONO in ’79-’82. Then to KSLR (KMAC-630) for 5 months and then to KLLS (KBER FM 100.3) in ’83 for a year and then part time to MAGIC 105 (KSMG FM) in ’85 for about a year then to KTSA (550) part time for a couple months then finally, after 20 years on the air and some 30 radio stations under my belt, I kicked my mike to the curb in’86. All the best, Gentleman Jim Carter/San Antonio, Texas

VIRGINIA WOOLF (1882-1941) Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind is written large in his works.

Jim Rose and Suzie
Houston, Texas – Laus Deo

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