Ten Excuses People Use To Stay Poor

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Wouldn’t we all want to be rich? I find it highly unlikely that you will find a person on this planet who will refuse your offer to give him a million dollars (presuming he knows what money is). Then why aren’t we all rich?
Is it because we don’t know how to become wealthy?
There is a very effective cure to not knowing things. Learn from people who do! Google search how to become rich, read some books on the subject, read the autobiographies of successful people and so on.
There are plenty of self made millionaires out there. They didn’t know how to become rich either, yet they did it. Compared to how some of them started their journey, you are way better off.
You don’t need the exact route towards wealth. Just choose how much money you want and take action towards it. Start a business, learn to sing, go treasure hunting. They say 9 out of 10 businesses fail in their first few years. I’ve already failed in 2 business ventures and I’m working on my third. If you persist long enough and learn from your and others mistakes and successes you will succeed eventually. The odds are forever in your favor.
This post is dedicated to all the excuses I’ve ever heard of on the topic of money. I’ve already mentioned one of them so let us continue, shall we?
Money is the root of all evil. I am a good person, therefore I can’t make money.
This one has been so thoroughly disproven that it’s not so popular anymore. Money is not the root of all evil. Money is paper and coins. If you are bad and win the lotto you will remain bad (perhaps become worse). If you are good and win the lotto you will remain good (perhaps become more generous). You will not switch sides.
Even if I could make money, I wouldn’t pursue it because I would become selfish and greedy in the process.
It is not a requirement to engage in selfish and greedy action in order to obtain money. You can just help lots of people for a small fee. If your values change in the process of making money, it will not be due to the coins, but due to your own weak personality.
There are more important things in life than money.
Yes there are. Some of them are obtained with money (books, travel, seminars and all kinds of objects); some of them are sustained through money (your house, your car, your trainer, your charity, etc.).
And for some of them, the lack of money leads to destruction (many relationships crumble in poverty, your self-esteem and confidence crumbles if you can’t provide yourself and your loved ones with the most basic needs).
Becoming wealthy takes too much work. I want to enjoy my life, not work all day.
Like it or not, that is your future (and perhaps present). We all have to contribute to society in order to live in it. Most of our time is spent working. You can work for a little or you can work for a lot, but you will work!
A job will ensure a relatively static paycheck. For that money you will have to put in roughly the same amount of work, every month, until you retire.
If you build a business you will have to work much more for a lot less in the beginning; but after you set things in motion you will end up earning a lot of money for little to no work. If you play your cards right, you will also be able to retire ahead of schedule.
Becoming wealthy doesn’t require more work, but more focused thought.
Regardless of your choice make sure you enjoy your work. Make it your biggest hobby because, whether you like it or not, that’s where a huge chunk of your time and energy will go. Some people continue to work long after they’ve stopped needing the money because they simply enjoy it.
I don’t need money.
Yes you do! Unless you’re OK with being homeless (no judgement if you are), you need a roof over your head, you need food, you need clothes, you need cash! Stop kidding yourself.
Let’s say you have the above. Does it mean that you don’t need any extra money? Theoretically no, but how do you obtain said money? Do you sit on a couch watching TV and money comes flying through the window on a purple monkey (with wings)? Aren’t you working your ass off for that money? You may not need money to buy more stuff, but I bet you need it to buy more time. You need time for your family, for your hobbies, for what you love. Unless you’re one of the few who actually enjoy their jobs, you might want to work on leaning up your schedule.
But what if I love my job and I have all the money I need?
Then do whatever you want.
Personally, I seek abundance. I want to experience all that life has to offer. I love my life at this moment, but I am also aware of all the greatness there is for me to uncover. My motives are not greed, but a desire to grow and a love for new experiences.
All people are different. Choose what is best for you.
I must stick to my job; I have a family to support.
It is because you have a family that you must aim to produce more than just a measly salary. You may not need any more money, but they probably do. How do you feel when your child asks you for something and you have to tell them you don’t have any more money? I’m not talking about spoiling them, what I’m saying is providing them with the best there is. I’m not a parent myself, but I bet you all want your children to be taught by the best teachers, to go to the best University, to eat the healthiest food (which is absurdly expensive nowadays). There are many spoiled rich kids out there, but when the parents do their jobs it’s another story. Some of the most exceptional children I’ve ever had the pleasure to instruct came from well off families.
Starting a business is too risky, jobs are safer.
How many times have you gotten fired until now? I can assure you nobody is going to fire you from your own business.
If you are working for somebody else, that person can get rid of you. It doesn’t have to be due to some mistake you’ve made, it can just be that he doesn’t like your face anymore. If you work for a company, that company can go bankrupt or cut off its staff due to whatever reasons.
Starting a business means you can fail, but it also means that nobody can fire you. The chances of failing (presuming you don’t know what you’re doing) are pretty high. Then again, the chances of losing your job due to unforeseen events are pretty high too. It’s simply a matter of being at the mercy of the company vs. being at the mercy of your abilities.
Remember that you can improve your ability to run a successful company, but you can’t improve your ability to not get fired (it is not your decision to make). Most workers are replaceable.
And those who can’t be replaced are so good at what they do they’re virtually running the place. They’re so valuable that they can choose who they work for and for how much money (because everybody is desperate to have them on their staff). They don’t worry about being fired on a whim or a downsizing or bankruptcy because they can always find employment elsewhere. Even though they technically work for others, they are their own boss.
These are some of the excuses I’ve heard of over the years. There is so much controversy on this topic; yet there is one question that still remains: What is money?
It is paper and coins, but that’s not what I’m talking about. What does money represent?
We’ve already established that it’s not the root of all evil, so what is it?
Some people say that money is power. I disagree. There are plenty examples of rich people who are powerless. Some are drug addicts, some can’t control themselves, some are antisocial, some are lonely, some try to use money to influence others and fail miserably. If you associate money with power, you will end up destroyed by your own weakness. You can use cash to buy a sword, but you can’t use paper and coins to cut someone in half. Money is not power, it just buys stuff.
Money is the tool we use to procure other tools, making it the “ultimate tool”. Money represents speed. If your goal is to travel, the more cash you have, the faster and further you can travel. If your goal is family, the more cash you have, the more comfortable your home will be, the more time you will afford to spend with your family instead of working. If your goal is to be a professional football player, cash will buy you the best trainer accelerating your growth.
Money makes reaching your goals easier, faster and more efficient. That is why we need it. The more goals you have, the more paper you need. The bigger your goals, the bigger your coin purse must be.
Since we all have to obtain money why restrict ourselves to a certain amount? A business is a system which produces money. A good system will produce cash flow even in your absence and in increasingly larger quantities as time goes by. The more your business grows the more money it makes. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, an architect, a teacher or a nanny, the better you become at your craft the more money you should be able to obtain.  It’s merely a matter of better helping more people than you did yesterday.  And that is a form of growth.
by Colisnicencu Daniel

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