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Listen to Marty Martel This morning at 10am Nashville Time


martymartel05(Nashville, TN-6.22.13) “Off The Cuff News” this morning, at 10am CST.  It will air “Worldwide on Wildhorse Entertainment.”

Off The Cuff will deliver current news & views of legends and veterans of country music, indie artists, and editorials regarding country music.

Off The Cuff News is a full 30 minutes of news. Hope you will join me this morning and please let your country music fans know. I would like to hear your comments, pro and con. I would like your comments so send me an email and let me know that your listening.

TO HEAR THE SHOW, ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS GO TO THE FOLLOWING: and click on the Internet Radio Logo Box at 10am and listen to Off The Cuff News

Off The Cuff News WILL BE repeated MON-FRI AT 1PM CST, same place to log on.

Thank you and don’t forget it is OFF THE CUFF NEWS-10AM-CST this morning.

Marty Martel

Pres., MSP

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  1. Wow Marty it’s a good thing we recorded this show before you got the blood infection. Maybe we had a premonition as we don’t usually do that. Well we will never know….