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1960S COUNTRY TREASURE PASSES INTO THE NIGHT Around Thanksgiving 1967 Jack Greene’s hit tune There Goes My Everything strikes Gold. The song written by the legendary Dallas Frazier remains at #1 for 7 weeks on Billboard’s Country chart. In 1967, the Country Music Association awards longtime Grand Ole Opry star Jack Greene the Single of the Year plus Male Vocalist of the Year. In fact, Jack receives Grammy award nominations for three years in a row. Greene’s other hits include All the Time, You Are My Treasure, Until My Dreams Come True, What Locks the Door and Statue of a Fool. On Thursday, March 14, 2013 Jack Greene dies at home at 83 in Nashville, TN from complications of Alzheimer’s disease.

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RADIO GOES TO THE DOGS Due to the 1996 Telcom Law, many claim that consolidation causes America’s radio stations to go to the dogs. In Temple, TX that is exactly what happens. Townsquare KLTD FM (The Ticket K101.7) Temple-Killeen, TX flips Sports programming to Music for Dogs (The Bone 101.7) which ties into its RadioPup mobile app. Previously, KLTD FM features Fox Sports Radio programming along with the Walton & Johnson morning show also Jim Rome. But they move over to sister News/Talk KTEM-1400. A promo indicates the local Sports Talk of the Town with Gene Pemberton moves to KTEM-1400 on Monday, March 18, 2013. KLTD FM’s Music for Dogs promotes tunes like Baja Men’s Who Let The Dogs Out? and Patti Page’s How Much Is That Doggie In The Window? Woof! Woof!

RECORDS TRULY IS MY MIDDLE NAME From the 1960s-70s, we radio listeners throughout America tune in and turn on to Chicago’s clear channel 50,000 watt WLS-890’s powerful signal. Young radio DJs attempt to emulate WLS’ big name voices like Steve Lundy, Scotty Brink, Charlie Van Dyke, Chuck Buell, Larry Lujack, Chuck Knapp, Fred Winston, one of my favorites the late Jerry Kay and John Records Landecker. Before 1996, radio is alive and well and Rockin’. Records really is John Landecker’s middle name. At 65 John Records Landecker still plays the hits in The Windy City on WLS FM. His new book Records Truly Is My Middle Name that tells his tall radio tales hits book store shelves on March 28, 2013. Be there! Be there!

FEDS BUST HAITIAN FM RADIO STATION IN BOSTON On March 1, 2013 U.S. Marshals seize radio broadcast equipment at 9 Rutland Street near Boston, MA suburb of Brockton. Authorities claim the Haitian format on FM 91.7 interferes with air traffic communications in the area. This is not the first time because Margareth Pamphile, the woman listed in court papers as a resident of the multifamily home, receives prior warnings about the station. The perpetrators move the equipment three times. The FCC’s Emmanuel Domkam states: We do not know the location of the studio where the station’s programming is produced, and we have not been able to determine the individual responsible for the station’s operation.

TRIVIA QUESTION: When Elvis Presley buys Graceland for his and his parents residence what is his mom’s surprise request? The answer appears below.


•HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Tommy Overstreet on Sunday, March 17, 2013. Jim Gough Monday, March 18. 2013. Patti Lowery Tuesday, March 19, 2013.

•MATT LAUER NBC TV Today show host angry over Ann Curry’s exit not expected to re-sign when his $25-million-a-year contract expires in 2015 departs after dip in morning show ratings possibly replaces Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek in 2016.

•BULLET film producer and director Robert E. Relyea dies of natural causes at 82 in Los Angeles, CA on March 5, 2013. Other films to his credit include: Westside Story, The Magnificent Seven, The Alamo and with Elvis Presley in Jailhouse Rock.


•1957 WTWV TV (now WTVA) NBC CH9 in Tupelo-Columbus, MS begins broadcasting on March 18th.

•1969 GLEN CAMPBELL’s single and the album Galveston release on Capitol records on March 17th.

•1970 KAEC TV ABC CH19 in Lufkin, TX suspends broadcasting on March 18th.

•1985 KRIS KRISTOFFERSON inducts into the Songwriters Hall Of Fame in NYC on March 18th.

•1994 ZSA ZSA GABOR files for bankruptcy on March 18th.

•2000 TOBY KEITH’s single How Do You Like Me Now? lingers at #1 for five-weeks in Billboard Country beginning on March 18th.


TOM ELLIS (Boston-Cape Cod, MA) At KWED in Seguin, we had a Mexican DJ with a daily afternoon record show, followed by a German DJ with an Um Pa Pa Polka record show, but no Black show. Not a handful of Blacks in Seguin. All German and Czech and Hungarian…and all the rest were Mexicans. When we look back at some or our early experiences, it’s hard to believe how we did it…how hard we were working…all those hours for very little compensation. But wasn’t it fun? T

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MARY STODDARD [Dallas, TX 1st female DJ as Sam on KVIL FM 1965] (Dallas, TX) Subject: Subscribe & Bill Young. Please add my name to subscriber list, Jim. Thanks — Mary Sam Stoddard (First Female DJ/Anncr. in Dallas Radio – KVIL’s Girl Named Sam Jan. 1965) Jim – I worked w/Bill Young at WACO (1460) in late 50s and he’s remained a dear friend all these years. Talked w/him when his book came out and helped him get the word out on ‘Dead Air’. He knew how much I loved it. And, was surprised to hear me say I thought it was a very ‘funny’ read as well. We’d been emailing back and forth from time to time since then about family and people in the biz we both knew. Bill Produced many of my VOs and Singing Jingles at WACO. He knew how to make me sound great! Loved that! So sorry to hear the latest news of his illness. Praying for his comfort and recovery. — Mary Sam Stoddard (KULP/WACO/KORC/KLIF/KVIL/KSKY/USA Radio/RealTalk Network) (

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JAY WEST (Houston, TX) Subject: Bill Young. Jim, I am in shock in hearing of the plight of Bill Young. I am not able to process the information from your articles in your recent publication. In other words I find it hard to believe what was written. I knew Bill suffered from a childhood disease that had to do with his breathing…but the return of the problems with increased difficulty has my heart aching. This news is really a huge downer. Good God I pray for his health to return. Thanks Jim, I just had to mention this. Bill Young means the world to me!!! JAY WEST

CHET MAXWELL (San Antonio, TX) Subject: Bill Young. Hi Jim, Have you heard anything more regarding Bill Young’s condition? I would appreciate any new info that you have. Bill and I worked together at KILT in the 60’s. Thanks! My best to you and Lacy. Chet

JOHN HALE (McKinney, TX) Subject: Jim Rose Remembers Radio (#1181) March 15 2013 [Friday] Jim, I am so sorry to hear of Bill Young’s illness. I bought his book ‘Dead Air’ a couple of years ago, a really great book about the salad days of KILT by the way, and I exchanged emails with him. I also had the chance for an extended phone conversation. He’s a very nice person to talk with, and a walking encyclopedia of radio knowledge and history. Bill Young also has to rate as one of the two or three greatest program directors of all time, AND one of the finest commercial production announcers ever. I envy those of you who got the chance to work for him, and Bill Young is definitely in my prayers. John Hale; McKinney, Texas

TRIVIA ANSWER: When Elvis Presley buys Graceland he wants to create the most beautiful bedroom in Memphis for his mother, Gladys. But The King of Rock and Roll’s mom has other things on her mind. Gladys Presley requests a chicken coop and a hog pen.

FR. BOB TOMLINSON (Jacksonville-Lake Striker, TX) Subject: Bill Young. Jim, I just read the current JRRR and the news of Bill Young’s illness. Very sad news and I do pray for a healing for him. I listened to KILT almost not stop when I lived south of Houston in 70/72. Had to take a break from listening each day to do an air shift on KIOX Bay City. Steve Lundy was a wild child at night. Only station I’ve listened to that came close to the KLIF I grew up on. All the best to you and Lacy, Bob Tomlinson; Lake Striker

BOB GRANT [Robert Hanger] (San Angelo-Abilene, TX) Subject: Jack Greene. JIM: FYI… Worked several shows w/Jack in VA over the yrs. He was first Country music star to appear in Macy’s Thanksgiving parade, 11/23/67. BOB

LITTLE JIMMY DICKENS (64 years on the Grand Ole Opry) Tweets: Would like to say God Rest my good friend Jack Greene in your arms in Heaven a true Opry legend you will be surely missed RIP.

Jim Rose and Lacy
Houston, Texas – Laus Deo

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