Marty Martel Prayer Line For Monday March 19


If you have a prayer or a thought that you want to mention here or send to someone who you believe is deserving please use my column to reach special people who would go out of their way to say a special prayer on your behalf for that someone you care about – Marty Martel

.WHISNews21 Prayer Line and thoughts for Monday March 19, By Marty Martel.



Dear Prayer Warriors, Please pray for healing for these two precious little ones as well as Dawn & Carmen & Tony. Please put these prayer requests on every prayer list you know of. We need a huge team to be praying for the healing of these dear folks.

1. Addie is an 8 year old little girl who has a tumor behind one of her eyes. Don’t know anymore than that, but she needs our prayers that it’s not malignant and that Jesus will heal her completely and restore her eyesight.

2. Please pray for a 2 week old little baby girl whose name is Naomi Brown. Little Naomi was born with Cancer in both of her little eyes. And in the name of Jesus I pray that the Lord will completely heal her of Every bit of cancer. I pray that He will curse the very root of the cancer from her body and restore her with perfect eyesight and give her 20/20 vision in both eyes. I also pray for God’s wisdom for all of her doctors And medical team as well as all her nurses … That they will all hear from God and know exactly how to treat little Naomi to do get her well.

3. Please continue all your prayers for Dawn Sears for a complete recovery in Jesus name.

4. Also continue your prayers for Carmen who is battling bone cancer.

5. Continue to pray for healing for Pastor David Landrithof Long Hollow Baptist Church who is also

fighting an agressive cancer. Pray for his dear wife, Jennifer and their 3 children, two are teens.

6. Please pray for peace & comfort for my dear friend, Tony & his wife, Mary Beth. Tony’s dear

Mother was killed in an auto accident after leaving a Bible Study to drive home. She was always

quoting Scriptures to Tony regarding different situations we all face in life. She was an encourager

to him & will be greatly missed.

God bless you all for praying.

Carol Lee Cooper

Please keep in your daily prayers for my cousin, Jonathan McCaskell (Warner’s nephew). He is also our preacher.

This past Monday there was an accident with a grease fire and he suffered 1st, 2nd& 3rd degree burns over his body. Please keep him in your prayers for immediate healing and to be pain free. All of us know how serious burns can be and how they hurt. I appreciate all of your loyalty to our Savior and King as we bring our petitions to Him – Florine

SHARING THE LORD’s LOVE: The Lord’s love is always there for all God’s creation to share; In all strangers whom we meet and in those we lovingly greet. We find it in the pounding sea; in the unfolding of a tree. We share it in the deep, blue sky; in the flight of a butterfly. Flowers in His love are rooted with tints that are softly muted, Springing forth in gay profusion, creating Heaven’s sweet illusion. The wind, the rain, the stars above are all signs of His undying love. Beauty given without payment all adorned in His sweet raiment. With harvests of unending food, giving to us all that is good…He feeds our body and our soul, and in our lives, He plays His role.Dorothy Manzlak

 If you have anyone you would like to send a prayer out to please mail them to

for inclusion in to WHISNews21 weekly prayer line initiated by Marty Martel

in the interest of goodwill to all in need of a little help by the way of a prayer

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