Petes Weekly: Rumours Of My Closure Are Not True

Rumours Of My Closure Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

I can imagine no nicer place on earth than South Africa to go walkabout for a week. That is what I did last week. But it turns out to have been bad timing.

In my absence somebody chose to circulate an email to a host of my clients advising them that I had closed Business Warriors. To misquote Mark Twain on the subject, rumours of my closure have been greatly exaggerated.

Normally I would ignore these claims as competitive enthusiasm, but I had to respond to too many concerned emails when I came back from communing with baboons and trying to find my karma and this led me to think that full disclosure was a better option.

Why would I start SA’s most successful online business subscription community in 2003, suspend it in 2010 after more than 6000 entrepreneurs had been members (and after spending more than 25,000 hours on the project) only to restart it again in 2013? I am glad you asked because there are some interesting skeletons in that digital cupboard.

On Monday evening at 8:00pm SA Time I will share everything I know about online communities and online training as I share the story of how good things can go wrong: the good, the bad, and the downright weird. You can join me at a gratis online webinar by registering for a “seat” here. (If Monday evening is not a good time, you can view the video on from Tuesday.)

Next week, PetesWeekly will be back as normal. In the meantime, just in case I have not clarified it, Business Warriors remains open for business, as it was last week, and the week before. Folk who attended our February webinar series on Selling Skills for Shy People (like doctors, techies, and many reluctant business owners) are already using their new selling skills and knowledge to prosper in this tough economy. Next week we start a webinar series on how to start a new business without risk.

A Little bit of Information bout Me: I have been writing for small business owners since 1999, from wherever I find myself at the time. Australia, South Africa, England, and most recently, Norway, which my Norwegian wife refuses to leave. All of my work is for South Africans, wherever they might be. You can check out (if you wish) PetesWeekly,Sales Motor, World Wide Warriors, Business Warriors and Cracking Diabetes.

All the best

Peter Carruthers

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  1. LOOK FORWARD to your columns on this GREAT site that Frans has. Thanks for clarifying all. Keep up your fine work, you help many. Rhon