Judy’s Notes: Artist of the Year 2012 Hits A Good Note




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Today (Friday, Feb. 22nd) as I begin to write this newsletter, I’m still in a daze and feeling the glow of all that has happened this past week. A week ago, when I’d planned to start writing it… I was so happy I had updates for my friends as I didn’t have very much news myself. I was still feeling grateful that DJ Michael Stevenson had awarded me “Artist of the Year 2012″, and thought that if nothing else happened this year I’d be content. Bill likes to kid me when I tell him of such things…”Well, that should keep you happy for a day”! I’m always grateful when I get recognition as it’s from the Lord… and I’m grateful for a very long time. So pay Bill no mind on this matter!

judyweldenTo start, on Monday, Feb. 18th, I learned from #1 Music… that I was a featured Artist of the Week. I went to their site and was delighted to see my picture at the top of page as one of 6 featured artists. I noticed I was also pictured throughout the day at various sites there, such as Artist, Charts, Promotions, etc. When I went to my ownpage there I saw that I’m still #1 of the Top 5 Artists of my category, but also I had nearly 3 million plays there. So it seemed to me it would take a month or so to get that many plays; however I went there this afternoon & saw that I had reached the 3 million mark! I told Bill, ever the mathematician, who paused a moment then said “If you just were paid a dime for each of those plays, you’d have $300,000!” WOW! It’s a fan-based site and I now have thousands of fans worldwide there, but I don’t ever get paid. I guess I am meant to work overtime at my eBay store. The other good thing today was that I received the GCR (Great Country Radio) TOP 20 chart and I had 4 songs on it. Two were co-written with Rhonnie(KISSES andSHOP TILL I DROP); The3rd song, is a duet, co-written with Ray Lani (THE REST IS UP TO GOD) and the 4th one (THIS IS AMERICA, written byAllan Bradly Licht, won 1st Place in a Contest my company had in the 90’s. I recorded the song as part of the prize. Thanks to DJ Michael Stevenson, of Smithville, TN for this special chart!

whisnews21bannerheader011sSpecial thanks to Frans Maritz for posting my newsletter at his WHIS NEWS 21 site.He calls it “Judy’s Notes” and it is posted in segments over a number of days after I release it in this newsletter format. I’m very grateful to Frans for doing this. He is sooo hard-working and supportive of Indie artists, songwriters, promoters, etc. I worry so much him and his lovely wife Cathy, as they live in South Africa, where there are murders every day. The police don’t do anything and in fact, if one calls the police there, they can’t be sure the police would protect or harm them. When I pray for America each day, I pray also for S. Africa. It’s not far-fetched at all to consider that unless things change here & soon, we’ll have similar problems within the next decade.

Yes, I’m truly blessed and have so much to be thankful for as do so many of us.

We all need to be grateful and thank the good Lord each & every day.

See ya next time! Blessings ‘n hugs, Judy

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  1. Thanks so much dear Frans, for posting this. I have it (the Notes) in an email, but didn’t send it yet as I didn’t know when they (YMLP) was going to send out the newsletter. I’d sent it at 3 pm yesterday.. and it hadn’t gone out yet when I retired for the night. I’ll put the rest of it in an email… to make it easier for you. You’re such a gem and I am
    truly grateful for all you do!! Blessings & hugs, Judy