Marty Martel Prayer Line For Monday February 25


If you have a prayer or a thought that you want to mention here or send to someone who you believe is deserving please use my column to reach special people who would go out of their way to say a special prayer on your behalf for that someone you care about – Marty Martel

.WHISNews21 Prayer Line and thoughts for Monday February 25, By Marty Martel.


Marty, My wife, Leona, was able to return to work at Publix (Gallatin) on Sunday. This is after having a stroke on Jan 9th, 1 week after her birthday!! PRAISE GOD she is able to return because we cannot make do on 1 income. Also say a prayer for when we go to court on Tuesday, due to not being able to pay the facility which tested her to find her diabetic. – Thanks Ross PROUD father of an American Soldier

From:  Got this note from Jerry Dehay in Texas reporting on Coach Nelson Turnbow‘s and his daughter Kathy‘s health. They both need our Lord’s help. God bless – Bill Graham

From: Subject: Update on Coach Turnbow. I went by after church today and visited with Nelson Turnbow. He was eating a little and was more alert and responsive than last Sunday. He is now on oxygen all the time and is visibly weaker, but his pain has subsided a great deal and he seemed more comfortable.
His daughter, Kathy. was at church today and I spoke with her after church before going to visit. He had told her that he was hanging on just for her. She said that she told him he did not have to hang on just for her. She said he had previously told her the same thing that he told me — that he is ready “to go home.” Please pray for Coach Turnbow that God will be merciful to him and grant him his desire and heal him forever. Also, please pray for his daughter,Kathy, as she is needing gall bladder surgery ASAP. She will not leave him and is an incredible example of faithfulness and commitment to her father. Please pray that God will continue to protect her health and enable her to stay by her father’s side until God takes him home. Pray that God will grant Kathy His peace that passes understanding and reward her faithfulness. Thank you for all your prayer warriors and their faithfulness in praying for Nelson and his daughter. They definitely feel your prayers. God bless you and give you hope and joy and peace.Jerry

Marty, my continuing friend and former neighbor, Ginger Almy, is having severe problems with a bone infection in her left foot. The wound care center at Southern Hills is currently exploring just what caused the infection so they can best treat it; meanwhile, there is no mystery pertaining to the pain – it’s THERE!! Ginger asked to be put on your prayer list; I’ve shared with her some of the situations we’ve shared and she believes this is a solid group. As I do. My profound appreciation.  – Bill Littleton

LONESOME: Dear Master, I am lonesome; Dear Master, speak to me! I’ve been longing here at twilight for the voices o’er the sea And it seems as if my heartache would be hushed, less piercing be, If Thou, Lord, wouldst come still closer – I am lonesome; speak to me! I’ve been thinking in the stillness, as I’ve watched the sunset glow Die out yonder on the hilltop, leaving naught but cold and woe, I’ve been thinking of the faces that have come a-trooping by, Old-time faces, long-time vanished, leaving me to wait and sigh. And I’m lonesome, Lord, I’m lonesome; Come Thou closer: speak to me, For I am listening here at twilight to the voices o’er the sea, And it seems as if my heartache would be hushed, less piercing be, If Thou, Lord, wouldst come still closer – I am lonesome, speak to me!Ralph Spaulding Cushman

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