Petes Weekly: Biggest Business Problem You Face?

What is the biggest business problem you face?


After writing this weekly for the past 13 years I am very overdue in asking you for an opinion.

After talking to SA business owners in situ for the past two weeks I know just one thing: We small business owners face some interesting issues.

I would value your opinion on what the biggest issue is that you face in your business. And if you have an anecdote or story, I would appreciate that as well.

Simply REPLY to this email and share your thoughts, if you have the time.

I understand if you do not have time. (Although a one liner is also good.) Your reply will be confidential.

(A gentle reminder that today is the day we gents tell the women of our dreams that she is in our thoughts every waking moment as well. Gifts used to be optional. Failing which we can expect some challenges that make our business issues look like a walk in the park.)

All the best

Peter Carruthers

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