Marty Martel Prayer Line: Week Ending 16 December

If you have a prayer or a thought that you want to mention here or send to someone who you believe is deserving please use my column to reach special people who would go out of their way to say a special prayer on your behalf for that someone you care about – Marty Martel

.WHISNews21 Prayer Line and thoughts for the week ending December 16, By Marty Martel.

Thought for 12-10-12 and Prayer Line

Bill Carlisle Jr visitation will be Tuesday 12/11/12 from 12;00 noon till 2:00 pm, memorial service will at 2:00 pm in the main auditorium.

Hi Marty: Would you please put in your prayer list my best friend Margie Bowes, wife of the late Doyle Wilburn (The Wilburn Bros). Margie suffered a mild stroke last week, but is home now doing better. She was a former member of the Grand Ole Opry (Hits “Big City,” and “Understand Your Gal,” and is a member of ROPE. Hope you will put a note out to let everyone know. Margie can be contacted with well wishes also at: Margie B Wilburn, 1502 Brentwood Pointe, Brentwood, TN 37027-280, (615) 377-8612 Thanks again, Patricia Presley. Madison Church of Christ 106 Gallatin Rd N Madison TN 37115

Dear Marty, I am so very sorry to hear you are battling the flu. I will certainly add you to my prayers and pray you recover quickly. I seriously hurt my back while attempting to move a potted tree on our patio. It happened almost a week ago and this is my second attempt at sitting at the computer. I was hoping to clean up my e-mail in box but after being at the computer only a few moments, I don’t that is going to happen today. God bless you ~ Cheryl

From:  Date: 12/08/12 02:21:13 Below is an excerpt of a letter from my steel guitar playing brother Ray Austin from Granbury,Texas. His dear wife Diane is in need of our prayers for God’s healing . God Bless us all Love ya… Bill Graham

IT’S CHRISTMAS SWEET CHRISTMAS:  The church bells are ringing and choirs are singing the songs of our dear Savior’s birth. It’s Christmas, sweet Christmas and people are praying that there will be peace on the earth. Our friends send out greetings and families have meetings with joy and great holiday cheer. It’s Christmas, sweet Christmas and people are hoping this feeling will last through the year. For Christ is the reason for this Holy Season and blessings stream from Heaven above. It’s Christmas, sweet Christmas and people are thanking the Lord for the gift of such loveEdna Massimilla


Thought for 12-11-12

BENEATH THE CHRISTMAS TREE: Beneath the tree are many gifts both wished for and desired; Wrapped with bows and ribbons and things to be admired. Beneath the tree are memories waiting to be born When anxious eyes unwrap them early Christmas Morn. Beneath the tree our childhood days are never far away, for dreams really do come true when it is Christmas Day. Behind every gift a story is waiting to be told, with visions of the Magi and their gifts of old. Beneath the tree we gather and pray for peace on earth as we worship the Christ Child and marvel at His birth. One by one, the years go by, each one a memory as we count our many blessings beneath the Christmas tree. – Clay Harrison


Thought for 12-12-12 and Prayer Line

The following once again lets us know, prayers answered. Marty, My surgery went GREAT and I am doing so much better. Sincerely, Nancy Turner Brown

 FAITH AS THE WISE MEN: Lord, give us faith as the Wise Men who , let by a bright shining Star, followed its light to the Christmas Child – they journeyed in faith from afar. They knew this Child was the Savior, so onward they trod, traveling long. Turning back never though weary, they found new strength, faith and song. Give to us this kind of faith, Lord, a passion for seeking our King, that we may know Him more fully…our hearts be the gift that we bring. Keep us on course like the Wise Men, lest worldly temptations distract. O, “Star of Wonder” keep shining, lead us for we’ve need to go back…To seek again at this Christmas the Redeemer send from above. With adoration we’ll worship God’s gift of unspeakable love. Lord, give us faith as the Wise Men, so in us a glow others see, a trusting faith in the Savior…our lives a reflection of TheeBeverly J. Anderson


Thought for 12-13-12 and Prayer Line

Marty, If you would, please ask our Prayer Warriors to add Dedra Altizer and her family to their prayer lists. She is the wife of one of my Tourism friends. She is battling her second brain tumor in the span of less than one year, and the cancer has spread to her spine, back, liver, spleen, bones, and other spots in her head. She cannot stand anymore, because when she does, her bones break. She is in a rehab center in Virginia, right now, and they will have to make a decision soon regarding Hospice. She and her husband, Terry, have two teenage children. Please ask that our Lord be with this family in this very heart wrenching and sad time. – Sandy Wenner

Marty, Please put Ray Riggs on your prayer list. His wife has been battling cancer and now had a stroke. Its terminal and she is being moved to Hospice today. Ray Riggs is a lead guitar player and has worked with many road bands including Barbara Mandrell. Ray was one of the horn players in the Buck Owens “Bakersfield Brass” band. Thanks/Jack Stoner

Also prayers and prayer lines for a special friend of mine who had surgery this morning. Pray for ER that he had successful surgery and will have a speedy recovery. Thank you.



Thought for 12-14-12

TRAGEDY STRIKES AGAIN: Once again this is not a good day in America. There has been shooting at a school in CT, and this time children were the victims. I stopped working over two hours ago because of this tragic state of events seems to be happening much too often. These young children were no doubt victims of a sick minded human being. I ask you to offer up prayers to the Blessed Savior and ask for blessings and guidance for all the families of these children who were lost. I have asked the Lord to take each family into his arms and let them know that with his love they will be able to endure the loss of their children. I have asked the Lord not to forsake us, and to guide our nation to another highway of love and goodness, and to show us how to stop this senseless killing of each other. Surely prayer can make the difference. I have stopped what I have been doing to just sit here and think about this terrible tragedy, and to pray that we find a way to heal this world we live in, so that there can be peace on earth for all.

I have just received the news that one of country music industry’s great musicians, drummer Willy Ackerman passed away last night. I do not know the cause of death or Willie’s age as of yet. The following is all the information I have received thanks to Leslie Elliott: Marshall-Donelly Funeral Home 201 25th Ave North Nashville, TN 37203, 615-327-1111 Visitation – Sunday 2-6 Funeral Service Monday 10:00 a.m

SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS: Christmas is a special time when friends reach out to friends. A time when peace and joy prevail, when love of family never ends. Scurry, scurry, in a frenzied hurry, shoppers dash from here to there. The spirit of Christmas shines all around; a sense of excitement fills the air. Lights aglow in country and town proclaim this festive season. A time for giving and sharing love; with peace toward all – God’s love, the reason. The glowing face of an eager child shows faith that we still believe That Christmas is a time to know: “Tis more blessed to give – than receive.” – Charles E. Clevenger


Thought for 12-15-12 and Prayer Line

Please make this day a day of prayer to our Blessed Savior, that he will bless the families of those who lost their loved ones in Connecticut. It is tragic. And please pray for our nation that she will recover and endure, but this can only happen by prayer. God Bless You. I am still not over this tragedy in our country.

A TOUCH OF CHRISTMAS:  Keep a touch of Christmas tucked within your heart; Keep a touch, but share a touch with those both near and far. For Christmas speaks of giving to each and everyone; Did God not give at Christmas His own Beloved Son? Keep a touch of Christmas tucked within your heart Let its sacred meaning ne’er from you depart. Keep a touch, but share a touch with those along life’s way, that each may come to realize the truth of Christmas DayLoise Pinkerton Fritz

A Sight our Grandchildren may never see, will you make sure of that? or will you make sure they do ?
A Sight our Grandchildren may never see, will you make sure of that? or will you make sure they do ?

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