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DALLAS STAR’S LIGHT DIMS For decades we watch Larry Hagman in various TV roles. He is born in Ft. Worth, TX. Larry’s mother is Broadway star Mary Martin who stars in South Pacific, The Sound of Music and Peter Pan. A lot of us remember Hagman as astronaut Major Anthony Nelson in the 1960s hit TV series I Dream of Jeannie. But my memories only recall the feisty foxy Barbara Eden as Jeannie. In 1977, Larry Hagman becomes the ruthless oilman J.R. Ewing on TV’s smash hit series Dallas. Linda Gray who plays J.R’s wife Sue Ellen Ewing is another of my favorites. The Dallas Morning News reports that Larry Hagman passes away at 81 from cancer at 4:20 pm Friday, November 23, 2012 at Medical City Dallas Hospital.

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KTRK TV GUILLONTINE FALLS Wayne Dolcefino exits radio at KTRH-740 Houston, TX and KLBJ-590 Austin for the bright lights of TV. Since 1985, he and KTRK TV CH13 have a pact for 26 years. Dolcefino has a roomful of roses: 25 Emmys, three IRE medals, the 2012 Edward R. Murrow Best Investigation plus the 2012 10th Annual Lone Star EMMY Awards.

What is the cause of their breakup? He’s too young to retire. Maybe his aggressive investigative news approach causes too many tsunamis for the KTRK TV honchos. He jabs his mic in the faces of political figures, cops, school big wigs and just about any out of control authority. Which Bayou City TV station will Wayne Dolcefino’s reports next appear? One local TV watchdog claims that Dolcefino might just call CBS affiliate KHOU TV CH11 as his new home.

TWO TV NEWS ANCHORS RESIGN ON AIR WVII TV ABC CH5 Bangor, ME news anchors Cindy Michaels and Tony Consiglio surprise co-workers, audience and bosses when they announce their resignations together on air at the end of the 6 pm newscast. Cindy sighs: And finally tonight this will be Tony and my final show together here on ABC7. The last 6 years have been an interesting and enjoyable time for both of us as we have been the longest running news team in Bangor. Michaels explains: There was a constant disrespecting and belittling of staff and we both felt there was a lack of knowledge from ownership and upper management in running a newsroom to the extent that I was not allowed to structure and direct them professionally. The Bangor Daily News reports: the “recent developments” Consiglio referred to were “a longstanding battle with upper management over journalistic practices at their Bangor TV stations.


Who is The Rolling Stones original bass player before Bill Wyman joins them?

The answer appears below.


•TODD UNGER exits KOAT TV ABC CH7 in Albuquerque, NM to join WFAA TV ABC CH8 in Dallas, TX as a general assignment reporter.

•MAJOR GARRETT is new CBS News Chief White House correspondent when Norah O’Donnell exits as CBS This Morning host.

•WQXI-790 ESPN The Zone Atlanta, GA adds Colin Cowherd’s Sports Talk show from 10am-noon (ET) weekdays. When Cumulus Sports WCNN-680 The Fan and Sports WFOM-1230 drop ESPN for CBS Sports Radio, WQXI-790 takes over as Atlanta’s ESPN.

•KOGO FM (95.7) ends simulcast with Clear Channel News/Talk KOGO-600 San Diego, CA at 7:00pm on Friday, November 16, 2012 with commercial-free Christmas music.

•TONY HALL New BBC Director General vows to build A World Class Team.

DAN PATRICK SHOW syndicated Sports Talk show returns to Chicago, IL 8-11:00am on WCKG-1530 after two years away.



•1956 THE PRICE IS RIGHT debuts on NBC TV on November 26th.

•1962 LINDA DAVIS Grammy winner with Reba McEntire on Does He Love You (1993) born on November 26th in Dodson, TX.

•1973 JOHN ROSTILL British composer, bass guitarist, member of Rock and Roll band The Shadows dies on November 26th at 31 in Radlett, Hertfordshire, UK.

•1981 HANK WILLIAMS JR.’s legendary anthem All My Rowdy Friends (Have Settled Down) rings in #1 in Billboard Country on November 21st.

•1990 DAVID WHITE actor as Darrin’s boss Larry Tate on TV’s popular show Bewitched dies of heart attack at 74 on November 26th.

•2006 HEARTLAND opens for The Charlie Daniels Band at the Forum Civic Center in Rome, GA on November 25th and guitarist Jeff Cook joins them on stage to perform some Alabama tunes.



RED JONES [ex KILT-610 Program Director] (Tallapoosa, GA) Subject: Happy b/d. I’m a day late and a dollar short…in wishing you a happy birthday. But look at it this way…you don’t have to worry about it for another year. Enjoy your columns very much. Good radio news from all corners of the US. Being retired, I still like to keep abreast of the industry. Sad to say, all the news ain’t real good. Just feel blessed to have been in the business for those 63 years…a time when radio was in its hey-day. Radio is still important but it must remain local, local, local. Voiced-tracked by someone many miles away doesn’t cut it. End of sermon. Red Jones; Georgia Radio Hall of Fame.

KENT BURKHART [Legendary radio programmer] (Miami/Key Biscayne, FL) Hope I am not too late…Happy Birthday…I live in south Florida…Key Biscayne…which is not too far from where JJ (Jerry Jones) lives. Jerry needs Jimmy (Johnson) to direct recruitment again…for just a year or two…and the (Dallas) Cowboys will be back in business. BUT, Jimmy doesn’t want to do it…he is very happy fishing the Keys, and commenting on games each Sunday on the tele. Have a great T Day…waiting for our kids and grand kids to arrive at our other home for the celebration in Suwanee, GA. PS…I go to Matagorda County twice a year to do ranching business which I inherited some few years ago…and I enjoy seeing my old Bay City Black Cat high school friends, and munching on Tex Mex from El Zarape. And listening to Houston radio as well. Great stuff. KB. Kent Burkhart

GARY ALLYN (San Diego-Fallbrook, CA) Howdy Jim, I forgot to send best wishes to LACY as well…sorry ‘bout that.

JOANIE GREEN-GALLO (Tulsa, OK) Jim, Happy Belated Birthday wishes! I hope you and Lacy got to kick back and enjoy your special day ~ aaaannnnd…I hope that you have a special Turkey Day!

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CASEY JAMES [Putnam] (Houston, TX) Hi Jim, by the way does any body know how to reach Dave Hale the traffic air wizard. He used to take me up a lot when I was a kid and blow my mind. Any of you radio friends have his email I would be much obliged. Love ya jim.

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JAY PENNINGTON (Dallas-Flower Mound, TX) Subject: New updates on my “remembering KEXL 104.5” website. Hi Jim! This week I put in a lot of new updates to my remembering KEXL 104.5 website. If you were a teen in San Antonio in the 70’s then you probably were listening to KEXL. You can either Google “remembering KEXL” or just go to www.penningtontechnicalarts.com/KEXL. Happy belated birthday Jim! Jay Pennington



In December 1963, The Rolling Stones original bass player Dick Taylor exits to form new Rock band The Pretty Things named after Bo Diddley’s 1955 song Pretty Thing. Bill Wyman is Taylor’s replacement. In summer 1964 during the British Invasion, The Rolling Stones’ version of Buddy Holly’s Not Fade Away prances onto Billboard at #48. On May 27, 1957 Buddy Holly records Not Fade Away in Norman Petty’s studios in Clovis, NM. Very good friends the late John and Bill Pickering provide its back up vocals.

Buddy’s Not Fade Away is one of the first Rock songs to feature the Bo Diddley sound. In summer 1965, The Rolling Stones’ first half million selling tune, (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction blasts Billboard’s #1 spot and hangs on to it for 4 weeks. Tuesday, February 3, 2009 marks the 50th anniversary of the plane crash that takes the lives of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper J.P. Richardson.


T.J. CALLAHAN [ex KILT FM reporter] (Houston-Sugar Land, TX) Hope you had a good birthday, Jim and a scrumptious turkey day!

DAVID FAULKNER (Dallas, TX) Subject: Happy Thanksgiving! Jim & Lacy, Hope it’s a Happy & Peaceful Thanksgiving for you. David Faulkner

BOB GRANT [Robert Hanger] (San Angelo, TX) Happy Thanksgiving, Jim & Lacy. Remember to turn back your scales ten pounds at midnight! BOB & Sonny Lee.

FR. BOB TOMLINSON (Jacksonville-Lake Striker, TX) Subject: Happy Thanksgiving. Wishing you and Lacy a Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you each got what you wanted at the Black Friday sales. I skipped them again this year. I willingly let someone else have my place is line. Christmas lights around the outside of the house are done and spend the rest of the day with my son and his gf down from Fort Worth. All and all a good day in the country. Bob Tomlinson

CICERO (January 3, 106 BC – December 7, 43 BC)A thankful heart is not only the greatest virtue, but the parent of all the other virtues.

 Jim Rose and Lacy
Houston, Texas – Laus Deo

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