Fantasizing With Singer, Songwriter Judy Welden

This may be a new column we dont know yet but Judy Welden has shared her Summer Fantasy’s with us
– compliments of Lonnie Ratcliff.
As a songwriter I like to fantasize, so here’s my summer activities, some fact … some fantasy.  You determine which is which.  To keep fit I did water aerobics at the Fitness Forum 3 times a week and also went trekking with Nordic poles; to keep my tummy happy I ate some meals out with Bill and my girlfriends (Cheddars is my fave restaurant); a dash of excitement was added by riding a camel, dancing with dolphins and being lifted in a hot air balloon with Alan Jackson
as we harmonized to “He Raised Me Up”… and last but not least, treated myself to a french-tipped pedicure.  Yeah, it was a summer.
Judy Welden

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  1. As a writer of factifiction I enjoyed Judy’s play on blending fantasy in her description of her summer – I believe in spinning a story 10% fact with 90% fiction – makes it all sound plausible!

  2. Well now Ms. Judy! I fantasized right along with you and Alan Jackson and had the time of my life! You will need to do this more often! I feel like I have been on a Safari! Whether its for real or Fantasy, I have had a wonderful time!!! Thanks for the excitement!!!!
    Your Friend from Texas Gladys Mitchell

  3. Thanks for printing my fanciful summer. I was in a fantasizng mode when I wrote that. I started with some things
    that I do every week.. all year long, then started fantasizing. After I sent it off to Lonnie, I realized I had forgotten
    to say that I went to south FL in early July to celebrate a milestone for my oldest daughter, Amy and stayed a week at both her place and my son Glenn’s house on the other side of the state. It’s always nice to visit family and I
    can’t believe I forgot to include that! : ) Cheers, Judy