Kristofferson Songs That Left An Imprint On Us All

Kris Kristofferson A Man Who Can Turn A Bunch of Words Into Pure Gold

I am sure most of us had no idea that Kris Kristofferson’s songs are estimated to have been recorded by more than 450 artists worldwide over the time of his music career? It has been said that  Kristofferson’s success as a country singer-songwriter is truly beyond comparison. Born Kristoffer Kristofferson, he has had so many chart-topping hits that most in the music business agree his songs have helped redefine country music and led to a long and successful musical career that spanned more than five decades. We won’t be adding the full list of all his hits however if you feel like going through them they can be found on google. Here are five of our favorite Kris Kristofferson hits that we know you have heard before or even sung at a Karaoke somewhere in Karaoke Land:

“Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down” [1970] “Why Me Lord” [1973] “Me and Bobby McGee” [1970] “Help Me Make It Through the Night” [1970] “For The Good Times” [1968]



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