Kylie Frey And Randy Houser Release “Horses In Heaven”

“Horses In Heaven” A Fitting Tribute To A Family Hero

Kylie Frey’s new single “Horses In Heaven” sounds like a tribute to those lost and perhaps not forgotten plus the legacy they leave behind. This beautiful ballad was written by Kylie as a tribute to her grandfather. He was also the reason Frey developed such strong values and her love for horses. You will also hear the vocals of Randy Houser on this track.

Randy admitted that when he first heard ‘Horses In Heaven,’ it got to him. He felt like it was telling a story he knew and that’s what convinced him to be on the track as well. Kylie adds that she was so honored to have Randy included in the song. “Horses In Heaven” is now available at all the usual websites for download and purchase.

– WHISNews21

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