Where Are Our Country Heroes Like Alan Jackson

Where Has All The Country Gone Not heard On The Radio Anymore

We need to hear new music from our real Country Heroes, you know the ones who sing real Country Music. Instead, we are blasted with Rappy Country, Popping Country, Rocking Country, and everything in between the Country Music that made Country music legendary. It seems that Alan Jackson has a tour scheduled for 2021 but no new music. For those of you who are looking forward to Alan’s live tour coming to your town soon, well you have a real good chance of it being canceled by the Covid Hit Squad who will make you believe that there is a “Ginormous New Wave” coming your way and all concerts will be canceled. Sound familiar?

We need some more new music from Alan as we are starved of good country music coming from a major artist. Alan is one of the Top10 best-selling country artists of all time selling over 60 million albums worldwide since his first album release in 1990.

The Independent Country Music artists have done such a great job of keeping Real Country music alive, and thank goodness for that, for without their efforts we would hardly hear any Country music anymore. I would love to list all their names here but for fear of leaving some names out, I will rather refrain from doing so, don’t want to make any enemies because I just cannot remember every single Independent Artist who deserves to be mentioned, and there are many, I thank you all for keeping Country in the spotlight and giving us all our Country fix.


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